Arcadia Yachts reveals important news on its horizon


Once again the modern shipyard, increasinglyan important nautical symbol in the Capri and Sorrento area, breaks new ground from their extraordinary lounge at the Vieux Port in Cannes.

With an ARCADIA yacht everything reminds you of the sea and envelopes you in nature, completely harmonizing man with the environment. ARCADIA has abandoned the concept of floating palaces and embraced the sea with it’s perfumes and sounds.

The ARCADIA Lounge at Cannes reflects the revolutionary philosophy of the yard and it’s desire to break set patterns and leap beyond tradition, creating an atmosphere that emerges you in the marine environment with a scuba-diver who admiringly observes the ARCADIA yachts.

Seven years after the birth of the yard that revolutionized the international market with singular designs, ARCADIA YACHTS is pleased to announce their new course – a new Yachting Renaissance.

Arcadiaay 2

After this philosophy’s official introduction in 2010 with the creation of the shipyard, ARCADIA YACHTS’ concept of Yachting Renaissance continues to be implemented with success and has been formalized in recent months.

The Arcadian concept of renaissance yachting is based on placing the owner at the heart of the project, creating the spaces that surround him, allowing him to fully appreciate the environment that surrounds him - to begin design of the yacht considering the owner and how he intends to use the yacht, not starting from the shape of the hull.

On board an ARCADIA yacht, going to sea takes on a completely different meaning and offers completely different sensations. Not just the pure enjoyment of being cradled by the waves, but being able to come into close contact with the surrounding landscape from any point of view.

Ample open spaces let you emerge yourself in the marine environment; the much longer than average aft-decks create a sensation of oneness between the yacht and the sea, a natural continuity of the vessel itself. The full-height windows, the lateral openings and the innovative glass surfaces that appear and disappear like windows in an automobile, all combine to generate spaces with imperceptible borders between inside and out; enclosed spaces dissolve and are assimilated into the nature that surrounds them.

With an ARCADIA yacht the natural environment is not only exalted but also, and perhaps above all, respected. Ample openings render air-conditioning secondary thanks to the benefits of the pleasing sea breezes that can freely circulate throughout the yacht; the solar panels, integrated into the superstructure, reduce the use of generators and exalt the sound of nature while at anchor; the widespread use of state-of-the-art thermally insulated glass surfaces corroborate the yard’s desire to remain faithful to their environmental values.

Great emphasis has been placed on conviviality and relaxation on board while developing ARCADIA YACHTS’ vision to create yachts that exalt conviviality and living enveloped by nature, protecting nature with design solutions that encourage environmentally virtuous behavior.

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Interest in ARCADIA YACHTS among sector professionals and success among the enthusiasts, confirmed by sales results, has caused many longtime players in the nautical market to search for inspiration in the innovative design solutions originally launched by ARCADIA: the large glass surfaces in aluminum frames, the “Up & Down” windows, the spacious hulls, the search for truly efficient performance. Strengthened by their successfully ambitious mission to contribute to the development of 21st Century yachting by combining design, seaworthiness and functionality with consolidated and reliable low carbon-footprint technologies, ARCADIA YACHTS announces the extension of the present day fleet and it’s expansion into three different ranges:


Gamma A, the first and most typical ARCADIA range, continues to respect the values of ARCADIA YACHTS and is made up of five models:
A85 Comfort and elegance meet in only 25.9 meters of length, combining design and technological efficiency. With a superstructure entirely composed of thermal glass, the A85 is a luminous open-space yacht, a jardin d’hiver on the sea.

A85S Thanks to the use of the “Up & Down” windows, the sky-lounge becomes a third deck, available all year long, in any weather.
A100 A new concept for a living area that becomes a patio: the convertible sky-lounge is a fluid space that puts the owner at it’s heart, season after season, surrounding him with silence, light and comfort.
A100+ A project who’s cornerstone is flexibility and continuity between interior and exterior spaces, with the highest respect for the surrounding environment.
A115 A flexible layout offering from four to six twin-berth cabins, an ample maindeck and a luminous sky-lounge: an experience without limits, where everything is connected and blends together in the longest yacht of the fleet.

ARCADIA YACHTS, invigorated by the number of orders placed last year (7 yachts), has seen their stylistic and value choices confirmed.

This is why SHERPA will become a separate range, taking the concept of pocket mega-yacht (the only truly multi-functional yacht competitive in today’s market) to a level never reached before. Within the next 18 months the yard will present a 72 SHERPA, where the owner can enjoy two different outdoor living areas on the main and upper decks, both larger than the average size in this market segment. The convertible sky-lounge assures, in complete respect of ARCADIA YACHT’s vision, continuous visual contact with the sea and surrounding nature.

Powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS engines, excellent maneuverability is assured. These power plants valorize the primary living areas, reducing noise, while the solar panels guarantee sufficient electrical energy for most of the on-board equipment and systems.

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The Italian shipyard intends to expand their vision to even larger yachts, vessels that often interrupt the relationship between the owner and the sea with attempts at majesty that sacrifice the pure pleasure of going to sea.

ARCADIA YACHTS continues to look ahead and has decided to confirm their entry into the world of steel hulled vessels with their new FOR.TH gamma, where FOR.TH stands for Forward Thinking. This project closely follows the yard’s philosophy, and together with Hot Lab Studio, the collaboration that produced the successful A100+ continues.

Regarding engineering and producing the first unit of the new range, ARCADIA YACHTS is considering possible foreign partnerships, to ensure that the project proceeds in full respect of the yard’s highest quality standards.

The first model of the Gamma FOR.TH will be 47 meters long, with a maximum beam of 9 meters. Contact with the surrounding environment will be assured by the use of large glass surfaces and open transoms on both the main and upper decks. ARCADIA YACHTS’ typical linear design is contrasted by an almost completely glass prism, of clear architectural inspiration, providing the interiors with a great amount of natural illumination. This conceptually extreme contrast is emphasized by the sharp modeling of the superstructure, whose fragmented elements create an appearance of distance, just like glass prisms. A light frame, in chromatic contrast with the rest, ideally reunites the shapes in a play of solids and voids that permits daylight to inundate the interiors.

Usable space is concentrated just a bit forward of amidships to allow for ample sunlit and shaded areas on the after decks, but the play of solids and voids, that literally fragment the lines of the yacht, suggests of an upward movement towards the stern, restoring dynamism to the whole.

All exterior design solutions reflect the maximum in conviviality. Design philosophy for the proposed interiors is based on a refined and contemporary open floor plan, clearly citing modern real-estate design. Spacious salons closely interact with the open air, doubling our perception; the proposed layout links interior to exterior in a relationship without barriers. All this on a yacht with a displacement of just under 500 gt.

The 78 sqm. sundeck is surrounded by a discreet, low level structure that provides a base for the slender hardtop struts. The bodywork is painted completely black and merges with the glass prisms that delineate the bridge windscreen. The solar panels are lodged inside the prisms, a traditional ARCADIA design distinction. Here the Italian yard proposes the possibility of a transparent jacuzzi surrounded by a spacious “C” shaped sunbathing area located on the forward half of the deck, with two linear settees and a central table tastefully set on the after part of the deck. The bar zone is found in the central part of the deck, facing aft to serve guests on barstools next to the pool.

There is another bar on the upper deck, shielded by a laminated structure that lets the sun filter through when desired. One of the many solutions for the upper deck that ARCADIA has also developed includes two facing “L” shaped settees. This configuration creates the quintessential convivial area, covering an incredible 43 sqm. The convertible sky-lounge is another distinguishing feature of the ARCADIA style; the full-height side windows slide forward until they completely disappear from sight, while the settees are placed to allow every seated guest to feel the sea breeze. Light inundates the area vertically from several skylights.

Of great interest is the proposal for a separate dining area, similar to the typical layout found on yachts over 70 meters long, connected to the kitchens below by means of a pantry that assures precise and discrete attendance by the crew, without disturbing the guests in any way. Taken all together, 68 sqm. of space is dedicated to the guests on this deck. The upper deck is completed by the Captain’s private quarters, with direct access to the wheelhouse.

The layout proposal for the main deck’s aft area (totaling 90 sqm.) also ensures the maximum in use of space. First, the dining table for eight, sheltered and shaded by the structure of the overhead deck. Then, after a large ”C” shaped settee, a spacious sun bathing area with removable backrests, providing further seating for guests, with a beach club/gym located below, separated from the stern by a large glass door aligned with the swimming platform. This solution lets a large amount of light through and eliminates any barrier to the view of the sea.

Also featured on the left and right of the 53 sqm. main interior salon are full-height glass doors that open onto the side decks, while access to the owner’s suite is through the owner’s office. This not only increases privacy but also assures considerable acoustic insulation. The suite offers 51 sqm. completely dedicated to the owner, and also features a private lateral terrace.

On the lower deck, guests have two 29 sqm. VIP cabins at their disposition, with private bathrooms and studios. The guest area is completed by two 16 sqm. twin-berth cabins with private bathrooms. An excellent feature is direct access to the crew area, permitting the crew to service the guest area without having to use the guest stairs.

Ultimately, this is an extremely innovative and revolutionary yacht that maintains the exclusive ARCADIA styling, a yacht that continues to confirm the yard’s role as a trailblazer and protagonist in what will be 21st Century yachting.



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