OPAC creates the space-saving soft-top

The solution designed by the Turin company creates more height by raising the fabric cover of its open-top roof. A simple but eminently practical solution.

Rivalta di Torino, 4 November 2016 - Opac, the Turin company at the cutting edge when it comes to designing and manufacturing canopies for boats and yachts, supplier to the world’s most prestigious shipyards, continues its search for the most effective solutions for a comfortable time aboard ship.

Its most recent contribution to the market, already installed on board several yachts by a respected Italian shipyard, is a special-concept soft-top with an electric handling system. The canopy, whose mechanism has already been extensively tested in other types of Opac tops, relies on a series of levers for its movement. During opening, these levers raise the fabric portion of the top outwards, increasing the usable height and therefore the liveability of the space beneath. asofpot3

The raising process is controlled throughout the opening of the soft-top and the ribs are stable at every position point. The mechanics of the soft-top, whose flexible portion consists of a double canvas, facilitate the fabric portion’s upward motion. When fully open, it is raised and gathered, successfully leaving the space below unobstructed. This solution therefore makes the spaces on the flying-bridge more comfortable and liveable.

Opac’s attention to top quality goes beyond mechanics, extending to a search for ever lighter materials and ones less vulnerable to damage from the salt in the marine environment. In this particular instance, we have used a moulded plastic material invulnerable to corrosion by external agents. The fabric used is electrowelded for a greater capacity to block water and moisture.


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