New steering wheels LOREDAN


New 35 cm (13.8”) diameter steering wheel models have been introduced in the wide range of Ultraflex steering wheels. They all fit Ultraflex steering helms with or without tilt and paddle trim.

Loredan is a new elegant steering wheel available either with a 316 stainless steel frame or aluminum frame, black or silver. It has an anatomic grip for a comfortable and safety drive. All the top of the range Ultraflex steering wheels are branded “Vero Volante Italiano”, to guarantee that all the models are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy, by employing Italian components and technologies according to Ultraflex’ quality control system. All the Ultraflex steering wheels meet the EEC directive 94/25 requirements and they are CE marked in conformity with the EN 28848 – EN 29775 and ABYC P22 safety standards.


Ultraflex Paddle Trim is a fingertip balance control to be installed on the helm or on the tilt mechanism and it can be used always keeping your hands on the steering wheel. It is a control similar to the one used for the automotive electronic shift on steering wheel. On board it is used to trim the outboards, or the sterndrives, surface drives, trim tabs, jack plates, or any other appliance avoiding to take your hands off the wheel. Paddle Trim is available in the single or dual version (two or four outputs).


Ultraflex is a leading steering and control systems manufacturer for boats and it is consistently engaged to develop new safer and more advanced products with the Italian distinctive quality and design.




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