Otam announces the sale of the new 85 GTS

OTAM  announced that, just one month after the OTAM 85 GTS project was launched, the first unit has been sold.

This project was strongly pushed for and developed by OTAM with the intention of not limiting customisation possibilities in terms of aesthetics and technical details. The yacht will be customised by working head to head with the owner’s design team. It was the owner himself who, after appreciating the first concept of the Otam 85 GTS (with its particularly futuristic profile inspired by the world of supercars), asked the Italian shipyard to develop a classic, open version that was better suited to his taste and personal style.

Otam85GTS 2

The OTAM 85 GTS will have new solutions and customisations which will make this OTAM one of a kind, just as every unit of the Italian brand. No Otam unit is even vaguely like any other. The result will be a 26-metre boat with customised aesthetics that preserves the purest OTAM DNA in every aspect, from the internal layout to every single detail.

Otam85GTS 3

The deep-V hull will ensure maximum stability and comfort when moored and cruising.The bottoms of Otam boats are designed to ensure comfortable and safe travelling at high speeds even in moderate sea.



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