Cooker hood without outlet


AdTIM delivers the perfect high quality cooker hoods for yachts as these don’t need outlet ducting.

This saves a considerable amount of space for piping as well as the cost for installing and engineering the piping. So there is no smell on deck as with the exhaust on deck or at the waterline and no noise from the extractor fan which is the case with the exhaust of the cooker hood in the top of the mast.

The cooker hoods with active plasmafilter functions with recirculation and removes 100% of the odors, bacteria and germs from the air. This system is environmentally friendly, power-saving and has a very low noise level: 49 dbA at the highest level. The cooker hoods with active filter are proven technology. We use plasmafilters since 2006 in cooker hoods and there are thousands delivered for domestic use every year in the Netherlands.


AdTIM also supplies the conventional high quality cooker hoods as well as custom made solutions for cooker hoods. The cooker hoods can also be equipped with HiFog nozzles.

This active plasmafilter is also used in the AirPurifier systems from AdTIM which solve all odor problems aboard, as from the sewage systems but are also used as clean air box for the HVAC systems.




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