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New 2022 Yamaha NEO’s electric scooter

Yamaha NEO’s electric scooter

The new generation NEO’s is Yamaha’s first “50cc equivalent” electric scooter to be launched in the European market, and has been developed to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of customers in an ever changing world.

Featuring a compact body with simple, universal and attractive styling, this new ultra-quiet zero emission model has a fresh and contemporary look that conveys its easy-to-ride character.

Yamaha developed the world’s first production eBike with the invention of the Power Assist System in the early 1990s, and since then over 7 million Yamaha eBike drive units have been sold. The new NEO’s is equipped with the latest generation Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) that has been developed using the extensive knowledge gained by the company over the last three decades.

Powered by a removable 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery, a hub-mounted brushless electric motor with direct drive gives quick and controllable acceleration – and the universal riding position makes this new electric scooter ideal for riders of any size and experience. Smart, simple, economical and reliable, the new NEO’s is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable next generation electric scooter for daily commuting and general urban mobility.