Feadship serves up a concept that is a cut above

Feadship serves up a concept that is a cut above

The 2022 Monaco Yacht Show will host the debut of Feadship’s latest concept yacht.

Reflecting both the opinions of current superyacht owners and brilliant new design ideas from Studio De Voogt, 85-metre Slice reimagines ways to bring natural light to a yacht’s interior, integrating the interior and exterior in bold new ways.
Feadship began presenting concept designs in 2006 to drive research and design discussion. From X-Stream, other notable concepts followed including F-Stream, Breathe, Aeon, Royale, Choice and Pure. These deep dives into the likely expectations of the next generation of Feadship owners were all based on insightful client feedback, long brainstorming and discovery sessions, and in-depth research.

Several ideas posited by these ground-breaking concepts have seen the light of day with actual Feadship builds. The concepts also build on one another, leveraging the best ideas of design, engineering and innovation.

The eleventh Feadship Concept, Slice, as it is known, takes the sculptural exterior philosophy of last year’s Pure Concept, lengthens and wraps it around a totally fresh interior creating a series of exciting, unique destinations for guests. The starting point was cutting open structure to bring light below in new ways to new places. A once predictable flow of spaces is abandoned in favour of a fresh approach to the onboard lifestyle. Nowhere is this more pronounced than the precedent-setting 110m2 multilevel pool deck aft. It’s like taking tomorrow’s version of a beach and exclusive open-air cabana club with you as you cruise between destinations.

Feadship Slice 001

Slice is more than a design and lifestyle departure, it is also fully future-proof in terms of likely developments in clean propulsion by being, as her engineering team puts it, fuel agnostic. Regardless of what non-fossil fuels are used, the variable speed generators power Slice comfortably and efficiently to 16 knots. The system is forward thinking, anticipating more energy dense batteries and durable power-dense fuel cell solutions that may be (re)fitted when available. Ultimately, the possibility for net-zero carbon operations will be dependent on the fuel bunkered. Being flexible Slice will be ready: she is technically feasible, fully developed for immediate construction with delivery in 2027, or ready for propulsion options evolving during the next decade.

Already provoking lively discussions in Monaco, designers Tanno Weeda and Chris Bottoms will both be available at the Feadship stand to explain the technologies and explore the lifestyle potential with visitors fascinated by the interactive model. For those unable to attend the show, more details on Slice will be released soon.


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