The new Pershing 7X: design, technology and lightning speed performance

The unstoppable wave of Pershing innovation continually produces cutting-edge craft, while setting new standards for exciting sailing.

In recent years, the Mondolfo-based shipyard has been the key player in an incredible design evolution leading to the development of Generation X, a range of models focused on four fundamental pillars: design, technology, performance, and use of ultra-lightweight materials.

Persh7X 2

The design, a Fulvio De Simoni creation, is one of a kind and very distinctive: sporty, bold and sleek lines shape the entire range with solutions characterised by aesthetic and architectural innovation; the technology, with the introduction of an integrated navigation and control interface, steer-by-wire controls and propulsion systems with latest generation automation, gives the owner considerable sailing versatility; the unrivalled performance is the result not just of the efficiency of the hull-propulsion systems, but also of the use of ultra-lightweight materials – including carbon fibre – and of other cutting-edge solutions which enable the yachts to reach top performance targets while reducing consumption, but also increasing volumes and on-board comfort.

Persh7X 2

The Pershing 7X sits at the peak of the developmental path undertaken by the brand on the range; it continues the progress of recent years and brings further improvements, once again achieving unparalleled standards of quality and innovation.

Persh7X 2

21.4 metres (approximately 70’) long with a beam of 5.32 metres (approximately 17’), it is the result of the partnership between the Fulvio De Simoni design studio, the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee under engineer Piero Ferrari, and the Group’s Engineering Department. The brand’s current range has been expanded with the inclusion of the Pershing 7X. It is a competitive addition to the over 20-metre market segment, which takes things to the next level in terms of style, function and performance.

Persh7X 2


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