DynaStream technology for Technohull

TECHNOHULL the Greek yard, is formulating a number of important new products and innovations.

This will begin with a series of technological updates applied to the yard’s entire range, followed by the remarkable new andinnovative trademarked hull shape that improves an already high level of performance andeconomy without losing safety and comfort. The result is the all new DynaStream patended hull technology, fully implemented by the yard.

DynaStreamrib 2

TECHNOHULL DynaStream technology evolved after extensive research and development, taking into account the delicate balance between performance and user friendliness.

The results of various configurations, using both analytical formulasand testing from full size and scaled-down models, were constantly accumulated.  Evaluating the working envelope of each model and the demands of therange, TECHNOHULL has derived separate hull design constraints. Using state-of-the-art computer programs and hull structure algorithms, key hull design aspects have been confirmed. After several design loops, the hydrodynamic profile is streamlined. As a result, strake geometry, step number, step positioning, and the variable dead-rise distribution along the hull’s surface, have  been optimized. The combination of the above has resulted in a boat that is perfectly balanced, efficient and extremely seaworthy, perfect for fast commuting, yet with a very smooth and saferide,providing a high thrill factor both for the expert andnewcomer.


-Efficient running - less fuel consumption and better performance

-Perfectly balanced behaviour - easy and safe to drive at every speed, a feeling of safety for everyone aboard, perfect bow positioning in all sea conditions and directions of travel, with safe tight turning, cornering and manoeuvring

DynaStreamrib 3

-Instant and low speed planing

-Very soft ride – the dead-rise distribution and cushioning effect maximize comfort

-De-pressurized hull water spray control chines keep spray low and diverted away for an incredibly dry ride

-A true offshore design - in rough seas and heavy weather conditions DynaStream hulls provide exemplary ride quality and performance


The new TECHNOHULL® DynaStream technology will be one of the elements that characterize the Greek yard’s revamped production line, divided now into three  categories:

-Less is extra - Adrenaline for beginners - this range includes the T688, an extremely fast multipurpose RIB with a fuel consumption of only 0.8 l/nm, and the T909, a model with more onboard space than is usual in a super sportive 9 meter RIB. Both models can be optimized for use as superyacht tenders.

DynaStreamrib 4

- Adventure on board - the SeaDNA999 – the yard’s current best seller - is a luxurious top performance 10m RIB, a true offshore boat with top speeds of more than 90 miles per hour, excellent handling in any weather conditions, an extremely smooth ride and incredible fuel efficiency. In addition a very new soon to be named 38 RIB. A clear example of DynaStream technology is on this new 38. A boat with genuine offshore features able to achive speeds exceeding 100kts with stunning stability and ease driving. Perhaps the fastest V-hull Offshore outboard boat worldwide, clearly dissolving the stereotypes that want a boat fast and efficient not to be the best in hard use on the open sea.

-Extra Luxury sport cruisers – first, the soon to be named all-new 40 RIB that will epitomize luxury, space and performance. This will be the ultimate compact sport cabin RIB, ideal for all-around cruising, combining the characteristics of a true sport boat and the amenities of a small cruiser. In addition the Omega 45 is  replacing Omega 41. Designed to assure fast and comfortable navigation, even over long distances, the new Omega can be equipped with either inboard or outboard engines and will be characterized by an extremely high level of customization.


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