New Catana 53


After several months of studies and research, the Catana shipyard is proud to present the new Catana 53. Launching on 2016, the new Catana 53 is entirely in the spirit of Catana : minimalist design, cockpit and saloon totally flush deck, and extendable lounge.

A 360° view from the steering position, cockpit, saloon or chart table. The interior fittings of the Catana 53 are innovations that set new standards of comfort and offer truly unique living spaces. The galley with center island, wide passageways and spacious cabins give to the Catana 53 an incredible sense of space.


The exterior of the Catana 53 is particularly elegant, with its reverse bows and inward-curving daggerboards. The new hulls have achieved great results benefiting from experience of the Catana 59 and Catana 70. The infusion process and use of Carbon, make of Catana 53 a high-performance hard wearing, light boat.

Architect: CATANA shipyard
Design: Couëdel Yacht Design
Overall lengh : 53,08 ft
Beam: 28,38 ft
Draft boards up: 4,69 ft
Draft boards down: 11,81 ft


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