Architecture: Native Beach Villa

Native Beach Villa Architecture

In conversation with nature and almost dangling over the sea, this heavenly small house designed by PALY Architects firm is in absolute harmony with the natural landscape.

  Native Beach Villa 4

A clear rectangular shape, a box with solids and voids, is the basic volume of this small house. Three tamarisk trees, a point of breath and shadow, are the plot’s elevated boundary with the sea. Rocks, the blue of the water on the south and the rocky mountain on the north define the free space. The pool, with a free form defined by rocks of the area, seems like a continuation of the sea, as if the waves fill an alcove. The materials used come from the local area; stone, metals painted on rust colour, chestnut woods, filler coatings on the outside walls, in a colour of the earth and grey on the inside, stone type slabs on the floor, brushed iroko on the frames. The exterior floor is from traditional polished mortar and axed local stone. The stony exterior kitchen-oven “closes” the space of the exterior living space from the central entrance and completes the synthesis. A clear rectangular shape deck defines the exterior living room and ends up on a platform above the sea. The planting as an ending of the mountain above. The high chimney as a reference point of the house. A small vacation house, almost leaning on the sea, integrated into the landscape, in conversation with nature.

Native Beach Villa 2

The villa includes a single space serving as kitchen-dining room-living room, and 2 bedrooms with an internal bathroom and wardrobes. All the spaces have a view to the water element and the sea. The kitchen counter-table is continuing on the exterior of the villa, and can be used as a single element on special occasions by lifting a retractable window.

There are 3 shading and wind protection zones; one, the biggest, is on the continuation of the house, one is in the west and serves the master bedroom, and one is independent, integrated on the rocks, southwest of the house. An external metal staircase leads to the roof-terrace, designed as a protected wellness-zen space with a Jacuzzi, sunbeds, a pergola for shading and uninterrupted view to the sea. The plot is enclosed by natural local stone that integrates the villa into the natural environment.

Native Beach Villa 1


  • Study: 2017-2020
    Construction: 2020
    Plot Area: 502.33 sq.m
    Building Area: 89.00 sq.m



  • Architects: Paly Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene  Papaspiliopoulou, Konstantinos Platyrrachos, Sofia Perpinia
  • Structural engineer: Ioannis Eythimiou
  • Site manager: Manolis Piperakis
  • Decoration: Manos Kypritidis
  • Photographer: George Anastasakis

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