The Relax Boat

The boats are made according to the principles of aviation.

Since one part of the company originated from aviation. Everything is duplicated. The pontoon floats are e.g. filled with polyurethane so that sinking is practically impossible. Within the group of companies behind Relax Boat, there are also professionals in furniture production who can create an interior for you according to your wishes.

Relax boats have category CE D, which means that these boats can be used on lakes, rivers and canals. They can also produce category CE C Houseboats so that the sailing area is expanded with coastal waters and larger lakes.

Very short delivery time, of 2 months, so this summer.

The Aphrodite 115, from which an model is under construction and can therefore be delivered quickly, according to your wishes.

The Poseidon 107 is even directly available. No interior has yet been built in, so that the layout etc. can be determined yourself.

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