Navigators. Αn exhibition by Sanlorenzo

Sanlorenzo in collaboration with Lerici town, have organized an exhibition presenting a real-life immersion in the production process of the shipyards.

More than 30 black and white snapshots by photographer Silvano Pupella, give us a narration of the perfect union of artisanship and technology that has made Sanlorenzo the peak of excellence in the nautical world over its 60 years history.

The unique photographic reportage produced in the La Spezia shipyard, reveals how each model of the Sanlorenzo Superyacht is the product of a complex multidisciplinary and innovative process: each boat, over 40 meters in length, takes shape beginning with its hull forged in metal, like a piece of art, through the work of capable local craftsmen who tend to every small detail, making each creation unique and personalizing it to achieve the effect desired by the ship owner.


Responsible for this exhibition that is going to take place from December 20th, 2018 to March 10th, 2019 at the San Giorgio’s Castle, is Massimo Perotti, CEO and Chairman of the company. Massimo Perotti has found another way to demonstrate unknown perspectives on the yachting world.

“In this exhibit, Sanlorenzo tells the story of what lies behind the superyachtsit produces in its shipyards at La Spezia. The photos by Silvano Pupella are an exemplary reportage of the company’sproduction areas, narrating the work of the skilled craftsmen who shape these sophisticated products which would not be as fine without their masterful manual skill and craftsmanship,just as in a renaissance workshop” style Director Sergio Buttiglieri mentions.

“In this exhibit,Sanlorenzo wishes to tell the story of the intrinsic beauty of its products which,even before being completed, have a hidden charm of their own. Silvano has appropriately highlighted, in agreement withCEO and ChairmanMassimo Perotti, the company which this year celebrated its 60th year in business.His decisive black and white photography that recalls the great American school of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston masterfully portrays the brand. Both are convinced that, in order to thrill, there is no absolute need to show the finished product—it is simply sufficient to witness the initial metalworking phases of production of these superyachts.”


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