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The commercial director of Mediterraneo Hospital, Christos Virvilis, talks about the "Life attitude" that this boutique medicalcentre has adopted and the high quality, specialized, and the innovative health services it offers.

What are the goals of Mediterraneo Hospital?

We live in an era where developments in all areas happen extremely fast. Communications, and computer technology form the spearhead of these developments.

Today we caneasilyfind what we are looking for,bythe simple touch of our finger on ascreen. Yet, have we ever wondered how many,and what areparameters that help us instantly reachthese resultsreliably, and objectively? Responding to today's demands, Mediterraneo Hospital’s management team work towards "providingthis ease of access",in order to quickly provide trusted "health solutions". We invest, in the specialization and continuous training of our team. We invest, in state-of-the-art medical technologyequipment. We invest, in creating friendly infrastructure that by no means is reminiscent of the traditional idea of a "hospital" is. We invest in automation and information systems, thus eliminating the use of paperas much as our legislation permits it. We invest, in personalized service. We invest, in the efficiency of ouroperations,in order to intervene with precision as fast as possible. To provide the best result to the people who trust us. Our aimis to make sure that we will provide the beast available treatment options, to the ones that happen to experience an unexpected health problem.

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How does the hospital contribute to the healthcare sector in general, as well as to medical tourism?

Taking as a given that we need to protect the health of every person regardless of their origin, gender, professional status and age,looking at our track record we can ascertainthe positive contribution of Mediterraneo Hospital in the field of Healthcare. Indeed, the exceptionaloutcomes of our servicehave not only helped thousands of Greek patients, but also the hundreds of people from all over the worldthat trust us every year. It is easy to talk about the positive financial results, the growing reputation, and our contribution to the local and the national economy, andcan all beillustrated in absolute figures. But I would like to focuson something else: our contribution to the healthcare sector in generaland to medical tourism in particular, starts and ends withthe realisation that we manage to provide the best health treatment option to every singleperson.

The patients thatcame to our country for whatever reason and trusted our services when faced with an unexpected health problem, and the ones who chose our country as treatment destination,due to the quality and specialization servicesoffered byMediterraneo Hospital, are the best promoters of Greece’s healthcare services to all corners of the earth, and with multiple benefits.


What is your competitive advantage?

It is very important for all citizens to have access to quality health services. It is more importantthough for them to know that now they have that option.

Mediterraneo Hospital is proud ofits highly streamlinedoperations that combine quality of service and easy access. Our daily activities rangefrom dealing with emergencies from all over Greece, to the completemanagement of patient care for people fromaround the globe, usingour vast experience on a wide range of applications. Offering the optimal personalized solution, in the shortest possible time, in an excellentenvironment, is the formula that makes Mediterraneo Hospital unique.

 What isthe meaning of quality when it comes to Health Services?

You know, qualityof service in general, but more specificallyqualityof serviceassociated with Healthcare, mustbe indisputable, and must be a given. The services of Mediterraneo Hospital are certified according to ISO 9001, EN15224 the new healthcare specific European standard, and TEMOSfor Quality in International Patient Care, and pass all annual inspections with flying colours. Yet, what I consider more important than all quality certificatesis maintaininga stable corporate culture based on the standards of quality, a culturethat is reflectedand communicatedby all every day. In that, I truly believe we have succeeded.

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 Describe to us one of the innovative services of Mediterraneo Hospital?

A prime example of our ongoing investment in quality and specialization in services, is the launch of the Acute Stroke Clinic4 years ago. Patientsthat suffer a stroke, need to haveavailable to them all possible solutions within a specific time frame, and that can only be achievedby coordinating different medical specialisations, trainednursing and paramedical personnel, whileusing the most appropriateimaging techniques, and state-of-the-artsystems. And all that within the first 6 ½ hours. What if a person that suffered astroke, nowunable to look after himself orcommunicate,condemned to be "burden" to his family,now viewed with sympathy, had a different outcome? What if he could live a normal life, like the one he had before the stroke? This is no longer fiction.  What if he or his loved ones, being able to identify the symptoms of a possible stroke, knew of our stroke unit, hadpromptlycommunicated with us from anywhere in Greece, we had the chance to promptly intervene, and he  was given the chance to make the right choice?

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How valuable is information for our lives?

How valuable is the access to such unique specialized services?The next day, rest assure,always gives the right answer to all the aforementioned questions and demonstrates that knowledge and the choice of quality health services is “Life Attitude”.

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