Giorgetti Curates The Furnishing Project For The New Benetti B.Yond 37 M Yacht

Giorgetti Curates The Furnishing Project For The New Benetti B.Yond 37 M Yacht

A new reference that shares the brand's design DNA and ability to offer a tailor made service to meet every customer request.

Giorgetti reconfirms itself as a partner of excellence for the yachting world with a new prestigious collaboration: the brand's innate design aptitude and the inalienable customisation component of its proposals, capable of responding perfectly to the needs of the nautical sector, come on board the new Benetti B.Yond 37m yacht.

13 Giorgetti B.Yond Benetti Sun deck 2022 HR

The first low emission yacht from the Azimut|Benetti Group, the B.Yond 37M is the greenest model in its category thanks to the innovative Siemens Energy propulsion and power supply system. A truly unique model, in steel and aluminium, designed for sustainable, long-range sailing with maximum comfort.

The white steel hull, with an aluminium superstructure, expresses the personality and elegance of the B.Yond 37M and is distinguished by the painted stainless steel profiles, covered in teak on the head band; a unique and innovative detail.

03 Giorgetti B.Yond Benetti Upper deck 2022 HR

The revolutionary concept, signed by architect Stefano Righini, provides an exceptional on- board liveability for both short and long voyages through the inclusion of a fourth deck that makes it possible to elevate all the most noble areas of the yacht, thus giving an incredible panoramic view and a layout that is extremely flexible to meet the shipowner's needs.

Open and spacious is the design of the interiors, curated by Benetti architect Mauro Izzo, that enhances the possibilities of customization, allowing the shipowner to express his own taste and personality on a yacht to be experienced as if it were his second home.

This is a spirit that Giorgetti, chosen by Benetti to take care of all the indoor and outdoor furnishings of the B.Yond 37M, has been able to interpret perfectly through proposals born of an in-depth research in terms of shapes, materials, finishes, colours and a maniacal attention to details that have made it possible to create solutions capable of responding to every shipowner's request. Products conceived to promote not only beauty but also functionality and that tell the story of Giorgetti's philosophy, which has always aimed to put the customer at the centre, rewarding him each time with a unique service in the name of the highest quality. A set of values that unite the two brands and that have allowed this collaboration between two companies that represent excellence in their reference sectors to come about.

06 Giorgetti B.Yond Benetti Upper deck 2022 HR

"The beginning of the collaboration with Benetti was an almost natural step, born on the basis of shared visions and values. Two realities with a great historical heritage that have been able to interpret technology and tradition with equal importance through top quality products that are always innovative and capable of interpreting the needs of a modern customer. Without forgetting the attention to sustainability, a principle that permeates the design of this yacht and a value that increasingly guides the business choices of both our brands" comments Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of the Giorgetti Group.

The furnishings by Giorgetti are customised in every detail together with the shipowner, following a refined and welcoming style with sought-after materials in which natural colours prevail, enhanced by touches of blue in the fabrics and complements, which stand out against the optical white of the walls. A recall to the sea from which there seems to be no boundaries also thanks to the large hull windows that lighten every part of the yacht with natural light and allow to admire the great spectacle of nature in which one is immersed.
Giorgetti's refined and sophisticated language runs through all the yacht's decks, conveying the brand's ability to design complete spaces and projects.

07 Giorgetti B.Yond Benetti 2022 Bridge deck HR

The main deck, dedicated to guests, between the VIP cabins, sees a relaxation area characterised by the soft and refined shapes of the TAMINO sofa, accompanied by the RIPPLE armchairs and AMIRAL coffee table on one side and the very elegant NORAH and ODE chairs on the other.

The upper deck, the hub of on-board socialising, presents a lounge area in the outdoor area at the stern, where the protagonist is the modular APSARA seating system, characterised by a base with wood slats, accompanied by the homonymous tables and GEA chairs.

11 Giorgetti B.Yond Benetti Lower deck 2022 HR

In the bow, the open-air relaxation area features the geometric shapes of the LOOP armchairs and APSARA low tables.

The indoor living area features the lines of the sofa and armchairs of the URBAN series, combining the design of different eras with industrial and contemporary architecture, and GALET coffee tables, with AURA armchairs and OTI tables.
With a strong visual impact, the MIZAR table, with its cast bronze base and refined marble top, customises the dining area. It is accompanied by DIANA armchairs.

02 Giorgetti B.Yond Benetti 2022 HR

The master cabin, on the bridge deck, features a refined study area with JULIET desk and the iconic PROGETTI chair. Behind it, the GALET sofa with the DUAL coffee table and the OTTO pouf.
Outside, the veranda at the stern, for the exclusive use of the shipowner, features the GEA sun loungers and tables together with the APSARA low tables.
Finally, on the sun deck, the BREAK table has been chosen to characterise the dining area with the elegant ALDIA chairs. The ALDIA poufs and coffee tables and the CLOP rocking chair enrich the spaces.Vases, trays and lamps from the Atmosphere collection complete Giorgetti’s lifestyle.


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