Shogun 43: Designed to be Ahead

This new model from Shogun Yachts goes beyond conventional design and has been developed with a particular focus on performance and user experience.

It is a yacht for those who love speed, who want to be ahead and embrace the exhilaration of sailing in style and comfort. It is for those who want to achieve more on the water. Available for test sails this autumn, the new Shogun 43 has been designed by renowned yacht designer Håkan Södergren and his son Oscar, who have kept speed and comfort at the forefront in the design process. Working in partnership with Linjett Yachts, the Shogun 43 has taken advantage of all the ground-breaking innovation and attention to detail that comes when teaming up with such an established and experienced boatyard.

Made entirely from carbon to keep it lightweight and quick, the Shogun 43 is designed to perform at speed and be easy to manoeuvre in the tightest harbours. Having a low volume stern that is no wider than her maximum beam makes the yacht quick, even in the lightest air. And thanks to the ultra-responsive twin rudders, the Shogun 43 boasts a smooth drive and a high threshold for broaching. However, it is not just outstanding performance that ensures the Shogun 43 is designed to be ahead: the style and comfort of the boat is just as unique and exclusive.

Boasting a number of bespoke design and technology solutions to improve speed, boat handling and overall sailing experience, the Shogun 43 can be highly personalised and exclusive to each owner. There are two options of rig and keel to choose from and multiple style choices for the interiors and equipment. And with the mast placed far back on the deck, the Shogun 43 has a full-size, self-tacking jib and multiple different options for headsails, staysails and inner jibs. The mainsail can also be customised between a modern square top or pinhead design – with both options offering great trim and tuning features for those who want to maximise performance. And it is not only the equipment, interior and sails that are yours to be personalised. In yet another break from tradition that is designed to keep the Shogun 43 ahead of the rest, Shogun Yachts are able to offer a range of different colour coatings on the boat. Why stick with white when there are a variety of unique and exclusive finishes that will make you stand out even further from the crowd you leave behind?

shogun3 1
So, are you ready for the Shogun 43? Because if you aren’t, be prepared for this boat to leave you in its wake. And for those who are ready to take the lead, Shogun Yachts are now scheduling test sails for autumn with delivery in summer 2022. Get in touch with Shogun Yachts by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and follow our journey on social media via @shogunyachts.

Shogun Yachts is a Swedish yacht brand renowned for building modern, high-quality performance cruisers. Their yachts are designed and handcrafted exclusively in Sweden by experienced yachting professionals who are famous for embracing new ideas and technology. The Shogun models are built in partnership with Linjett Yachts and made possible with the co-operation of Vaxholm Komposit, Diab Group, Macromoulde and Marstrom Composite. To find out more about Shogun Yachts and to arrange a test sail visit



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