Denison Yachting: 3 key features for the new Alpha Spritz 116

Denison Yachting: 3 key features for the new Alpha Spritz 116

With Alpha Yachts, the world really is your oyster, because you can completely customize your boat to your liking.

Yacht enthusiasts may or may not be familiar with the shipbuilder Alpha Custom Yachts, a family-owned company recognized for its elegant, unique, and innovative vessels. The real beauty, however, is that with the brand’s new-build yachts, you can completely customize your boat to your style.

Each yacht the shipbuilder creates is constructed with space maximization, aesthetic design, and engineering excellence in mind. Brothers Roberto and Jorge Aboumrad, the founders of Alpha Yachts, use their personal experience in the design and technical aspects, among others, to produce near-perfect vessels every time. We don’t say light lightly that each Alpha Yacht is brought to life by the hands of the best.

The brand new Spritz 116 is a spectacular motor yacht that stands out amongst its peers. According to David Johnson, exclusive representative of Alpha Custom Yachts in North America, this new-build has a boatload of awe-inspiring features. With five guest staterooms including a full-beam master cabin, it’s hard to beat all the perks of this particular model.

Alpha Spritz116 1

There are many benefits to owning a new Alpha Custom Yacht, especially the Spritz 116. Check out these three impressive features:

1. Huge Interior & Exterior Volume
Alpha Custom Yachts worked with Italian superyacht designer Giorgio Cassetta and naval architect Laurent Giles to create a distinct vessel with an elegant interior layout as well as a well-thought-out exterior space for the Spritz 116. Like many Alpha yachts, the interior of this yacht prioritizes comfort without compromising personal space. The size of the heads and the width of beds in the twin cabins are similar to a 145’ yacht. In the VIP cabins, the beds are king-size, providing plenty of room to move around. This is made possible by an exceptionally wide beam – the molded beam is a rare 26’11” on a yacht of this length. For comparison, the beam of yachts of comparable length is often at least 3 feet less. Aside from the obvious implication it has on volume, the hull design (combined with lightweight composite construction) has also resulted in an extremely shallow draft of 5’8”, which is desirable for cruising in areas like the Bahamas to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

Alpha Spritz116 4

In regard to the exterior area onboard the Alpha Spritz 116, all we can say is “wow”. Its outdoor spaces are expertly designed, with several spots available to lay out in full sun or shade. The aft deck features a hydraulically operated platform capable of supporting a tender, an impressive plunge pool that can be covered with teak to serve as a dance floor, an outdoor lounge overlooking the pool, and a stunning outdoor dining area–more on that later. Another spacious lounge with plenty of seating is found on the foredeck, and the 100-square-meter flybridge deck boasts not only lots of space, but also gorgeous panoramic views.

Speaking of views, guests don’t need to remain outside to enjoy them; indoors, the beautiful landscape and surroundings are still in full-view. The windows are designed in a way that clearly showcases the water and sky–even from bed. This hallmark is particularly remarkable in the full-beam owner’s cabin, complete with oversized windows that are less than half a meter over the water. “It gives you the feeling of being on the main deck,” Cassetta highlights.

Alpha Spritz116 3

2. Enclosed Exterior Dining
Family-owned shipbuilder Alpha Yachts is known to build its vessels with shared space and family in mind. With that notion, all its yachts feature an extremely well-planned outdoor dining space; that of the Spritz 116 is so impressive, it deserves a highlight of its own. This model’s aft deck includes a vast and well-protected dining area large enough for 12 guests–something that doesn’t often happen on a yacht of its size.

The space is enclosed for a pleasant and comfortable outdoor dining experience.

The covered alfresco dining space is located forward on the aft deck and connects the outdoor beach club and the interior main salon. It is fitted with a large marble dining table and a portside wet bar. Overhead, the teak ceiling helps wick away moisture and is specially designed to include air conditioning vents, LED lighting, and a surround sound system.

Alpha Spritz116 2

One huge benefit to the outdoor dining space, like many of the furnishings and spaces aboard the Spritz 116, is that it feels like home, rather than a tiny, cramped space on a boat. “Everything is home-sized, which is what I love,” Cassetta beams. “It’s the standard you’d expect on a 45- or 50-meter yacht.” Way to blow it out of the water.

3. Endless Customization Options
The literal beauty of a new construction project with Alpha Custom Yachts is that you have full autonomy on the customization of your yacht. The Spritz 116 can be furnished and adapted as you see fit and to your liking. As an owner, you can work with the shipyard to brainstorm and envision the yacht of your dreams by adding specific custom features.

Alpha Spritz116 7

For the shipbuilders and designers, “the whole vision…was addressing the needs of people who own those boats, rather than those of the yard – to ignore compromises that are usually accepted to make yachts cost-effective and unnecessarily conservative in style and layout,” Cassetta explains. Key examples are the 7’ 3” ceilings, extensive sound insulation, floating floors, crew cabins with elevated beds, gentle and wide stairs, wide beds, full-size showers and closets, custom paint touches at the waterline and on the radar domes, and so much more. But above all that, there is so much more that can be customized to your wants and needs, be it optimizing the bow for storage rather than seating, adding a hot tub, or putting your own flair on the furnishing choices. While each Alpha Custom Yacht has the same engineering, you have the option of specifying custom features to create your dream yacht.

Alpha Spritz116 8

Alpha Custom Yachts designs and builds boats that prioritize outdoor spaces, comfortable and innovative amenities, and an overall user-friendly experience. The Spritz 116, in particular, is quite a pick in its size category.

Interested in learning more about the Alpha Spritz 116? There is a current Spritz 116 under construction, due to be delivered in 2023. Contact David Johnson, the exclusive representative of Alpha Custom Yachts in North America. David is happy to answer questions and start your journey to owning a new-build yacht.


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