Shark Line 46 by Hyperlien Yacht


The 46’ yacht Shark Line 46 by Hyperlien Yacht has continuously won the German iF Design Award, Italian A’ Design Award, German Design Award and Golden Pin Design Award by its shark-inspired exterior and streamlined hull shape.

In 2009, after the famous designer in greater China Janus Huang came back to Taiwan, he kept missing the carefree yachting days in Italy. Thus he made up his mind to buy a motor yacht. However, when he looked into international market, there was no any yacht which matched his finicky taste and performance requirements simultaneously; hence he started to design his own ideal yacht. According to decades of architecture, space plan, interior design and industrial design experience, he put design aesthetics in first priority, but also fulfilled the functional requirements. After 6 years, he eventually finished designing his ideal yacht. Until now, his 3 yacht models have won 7 times international design awards.


“I think the fashionable and manly Shark Line 46 will catch the eyes of those clients who like the modern style,” said Janus Huang. He emphasizes, Shark line 46 evades the over-concretized design language and presents the perfect flow line of shark body abstractly. “She has a luxury and trendy exterior, whether yachting or at anchor, she’ll always be in the spotlight.”


Commented “a sporty and elegant yacht with dynamic styling” by German Design Award, Shark Line 46 has metal silver black color, modern but also graceful. Teeth as windows, gill slit as decoration of the stern, she simulates shark’s characteristics and shows the mystery of waiting her prey in the hunting process. “I like her strong sportive style and the speed she shows,” Janus Huang said.


Except for an attractive exterior, Shark Line 46 also has a delicate interior. Bringing more than 20 years space design experience to the table, Hyperlien yacht doubles the feeling of space, gives the owners a luxury space enjoyment and makes them feel the cabin is 5 feet larger. The large glass sunroof that natural light comes through inside adequately, let the owner enjoy breathing fresh air while yachting.


“I believe our design makes a breakthrough in yacht world. Comparing the same level products of other famous brands, now customers can buy a yacht with relatively bigger space, comfy and homey design and performance which is closer to their requirements. Doesn’t it sound attractive? ” Janus Huang said with a smile.

The ex-factory price of Shark Line 46 with standard equipment starts from 650,000 USD.



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