Iguana Yachts launches the X Fisher

The Iguana team is proud to introduce its new model specifically designed for fishing enthusiasts.
The X line is expanding with the launch of the X Fisher.
The X Fisher is a spacious fishing platform, purpose built for comfortable and fun days on the water. Each feature of the X Fisher was thought to upgrade your fishing experience.
Because amphibious boats are used six times more than traditional boats, dedicate more time to your passion with the X Fisher. Throw in your provisions, tackle and bait and be on the water in seconds.



New Hallberg-Rassy 40 Mk II

The new Hallberg-Rassy 40 Mark II will be finished in September 2015.

New 48 Wallytender unveiled at Boot 2019

The 48 Wallytender is the first new project born from the partnership between Wally and...