Nauta Design: Pardo Yachts’ new flagship

Nauta Design: Pardo Yachts’ new flagship

The Pardo GT75, the new top-of-the-range crossover model from Pardo Yachts presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival, comes in various guises with exterior and interior styling by Nauta Design.

“The brief behind the Pardo GT75 was to echo all the design traits of the GT52 – elegance, style, comfort, and performance – but stretch them to create a new flagship model available in Tender Garage and Beach versions, and GT or T-top (this last will complete the Pardo Yachts walkaround range),” says Massimo Gino, co-founder of Nauta Design in Milan, responsible also for the exterior and interior styling of Pardo GT52. “The idea was to have owners experience the boat as a villa on the sea.”

The result is the Pardo GT75: a thrilling, 23-metre weekend runabout positioned between the Walkaround and Endurance lines. Optimized spaces and volumes combined with aesthetic and functional features, high quality materials and bright environments, ensure onboard comfort even during extended cruising.

Pardo GT75 Beach Version Grey 5

Tender Garage or Beach?
The design process began with the Tender Garage version that has an aft deck on three cascading levels. Behind the sliding glass doors to the main salon is a comfy C-shaped sofa and hi-lo table; on an intermediate level is a large sunbed that lifts up to reveal the tender garage underneath with room for a Williams 380; and on the lowest level a sofa facing to sea is integrated in between the stairs, the swim platform has a transformer-style access to the sea and two flush lockers in the deck for storing fenders and other gear.

Two ‘wings’ in the bulwarks fold down to increase the sunbed space at sunbed heigh. Placed high enough to avoid any wave slapping, the same sunbed wings also appear in the Beach version, wings can be angled as preferred to create a comfortable relax backrest. A tender can be stowed on the open aft deck when under way.

Pardo GT75 Beach Version Master Cabin 2

“There are traditionally two drawbacks of having completely open aft decks on this size of boat: where to place the air intakes for the engine compartment, and the need for free-standing furniture that requires storage room when under way at speed,” Gino points out. “We solved both issues in a unique and elegant way by hiding the air intakes under the steps of the side wings and adding a fitted mattress on top for sunbathing so the deck furniture is integrated into the structure. Moreover, the wings can be inclined to serve as backrests.”

A star feature of the Beach version is the sliding glass panel that provides direct access to the aft deck from the master stateroom, a solution that provides panoramic ‘villa-on-the-sea’ views that are more typical of some sailing yachts.

Pardo GT75 Main Deck Galley Down Version 3

“Here again there was a potential drawback,” says Gino. “If guests are socializing on the aft deck, the owner’s privacy is compromised. Of course, you can close the sliding glass door, but it’s much nicer to leave it open at anchor. So, we positioned a sofa relax area in front of the cabin stair with the master bed transversally positioned to one side and behind a sun blind – a simple solution that ensures a degree of privacy even if the door is open.”

Both the Tender Garage and Beach versions of the Pardo GT75 have ample space on the foredeck for a forward-facing C-shaped sofa and an extra-wide sunbed.

GT or T-top?
A subsequent request from Pardo was for an open T-top version of the 75 in the same spirit as the Pardo 50. However, the modular design means that all the versions – Tender Garage and Beach, GT and T-top – are based on the same hull and deck moulds.

Pardo GT75 Tender garage Grey 2

Inside the layout is designed to offer a high degree of flexibility and client choice. The standard arrangement has the galley on the lower deck (“galley down” version) and two double cabins with generous ensuite bathrooms.

“But there is also a galley-up version for more convivial family use with space below for up to four guest cabins, all with good-sized bathrooms and shower stalls, which is difficult to get on a sport yacht this size,” adds Gino.

A two-man crew cabin is housed in the bow section with separate deck access. with ensuite head and shower.

Pardo GT75 Tender garage Grey 4

The enclosed saloon on the GT version is fitted with a louvred roof hatch, but given the generous deck spaces this is more for natural ventilation than extra sunlight. Further ventilation above the helm position is designed to drive a refreshing breeze into the interior when under way.

The interior décor is based on white oak veneers and lacquered accents combined with natural finishes. The teak planking of the open decks is continued through the main deck saloon.

SideView cdp75 poppaAperta Open 02

“Coming up with different versions of the same model that meet the needs of different owners is not an easy task, which is why we asked Nauta Design, who are masters of refined design and efficient space planning,” says Gigi Servidati, President and product manager of Cantiere del Pardo. “The exterior and interior styling of the Pardo GT75 reflects Nauta’s hallmark preference for crisp and clean lines devoid of fussy detailing that matches our own pure design DNA.”

SideView cdp75 poppaAperta Open 02


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