The Axopar X Jobe - Revolve & Revolve XXII

The Axopar x JOBE Revolve and its flagship model, the Revolve XXII, are based upon the Axopar 22 Spyder, representing the results of a long-term, in-depth design and manufacturing collaboration between the Axopar and Jobe families - a partnership guaranteed to extract the maximum amount of fun and pleasure from being on the water.

The Revolve is a true driver’s boat, exciting and fun to drive, and one of the best 22 footers in terms of handling and performance, seaworthiness, safety and comfort onboard on the market today. The boat is combined with myriad functionalities, options and alternative layouts all intended to suit a wide range of customers and their specific needs.

To signify a true Jobe water sports product is to create a striking appearance that is instantly recognizable.
As a straight carry over from the signature Jobe brand styles, Axopar x Jobe Revolve boats have a striking and vibrant colour scheme, graphics and patterns seen extensively across all detailing, custom-made elements and on the Jobe products, delivered as standard with the boat. These features immediately ‘interconnect’ Axopar and Jobe seamlessly together.


We have together developed new and unique water sports gear, exclusively created and manufactured for the Revolve models, including a ‘custom-made’ Peak towable water toy that fits perfectly inside the bow area underneath the foredeck seating. Another cool feature is the Axopar x Jobe hammock, a fun addition and a new perspective at sunbathing and lounging.

Combining form and function is essential to Jobe products, so we therefore bring non-slip EVA deck pads from Jobe’s highest quality SUP boards as the deck material on our Revolve boats. This durable material is a perfect choice for added grip, comfort and warm feeling underfoot on the boat finalizing that Jobe “touch”.

The Axopar x Jobe Revolve makes an unmistakable impression, with its white hull and Jobe graphics package, featuring neon green detailing and further complemented by extensive interior detailing in turquoise, filled with Jobe detailing and touches.
For those searching for the ultimate Jobe experience, the unforgettably named flagship REVOLVE XXII comes with a custom-made hand painted special turquoise colour throughout the whole boat, accompanied by an extended full-size ‘Revolve’ hull-wrap graphics.

We can now offer a total water sports experience onboard for all possible fun on the water, for instance water-skiing, knee boarding, SUP boarding or towing your Peak towable behind the boat. Or alternatively just catching sun or relaxing onboard with your friends. Mix and match according to your preference and select from the different available sociable layouts onboard, and for added comfort you can choose a toilet, aft deck shower or bimini for sunshade to mention just a few available options. A water-ski pole comes as standard on both Revolve models.

Each boat comes uniquely with the Jobe Experience Package as standard, that include a variety of Jobe water sports gear, such as a complete Aero Yarra SUP kit, the Axopar x Jobe hammock, the Peak towable (including a 12V air pump), a tow rope and two Jobe life vests. We also throw in a Jobe gift card for all Revolve owners to select some cool items from the Jobe webshop. An optional additional package with Jobe gear called the “Exploration Package” is also offered to further an owner´s water sports experience.

An electric-powered SUP and Sea-Scooter is the result of Jobe’s never-ending quest for the best possible onwater experience and represents a new generation of innovations – products perfectly suited to the Revolve.
Join our family and share in our love for water sports.

Axopar is the globally renowned Finnish brand of premium range, multi award-winning motorboats, developed through a passion for adventure and the outdoors for you to experience more on your journeys. Our boats are known across international markets for their cutting-edge looks, exhilarating driving sensation, performance and great value for money.
Jobe is for everyone. We are a community, a global movement, a family of real people, who are discover- ing the beauty of watersports. No matter who you are, no matter your age or size, no matter your background. When you want to get on the water, you will fit in our family. We develop our products with the greatest care and highest quality materials, every day again. This is what “gets you on the water” means to us. Join our family and share in our love for watersports.



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