1970's Swan 48 is ready to sail

Good news for people with fond memories of wonderful sailing vacations when they were kids.

The yachts of days gone by are still here. They may need some work, a lot of tender love and care, and more than one clever design idea, but their spirit and beauty are still there. The elegant Swan 48 Younique Yachts recently finished, proves old legends deserve a new lease of life.

Swan48 2

The Swan is the first finished product of Younique Yachts’ new concept ‘Legends Reborn’. By first stripping her to the bare essentials and then rebuilding her, they have brought a childhood sweetheart back to life. And she is looking and performing better than ever.

Swan48 3

Teaming up with clients
At Younique Yachts people know how to make a project like this work. Peter Melchers: ‘Our clients know what it was like back in the old days and what they want for the future. We need them on our team, to give us inspiration and share their ideas.’ With everything they learn from their clients Younique Yachts will draw the design, filling the gaps and bringing their own ideas - as well as years of experience - to the project.

Swan48 4

Sustainability in yacht building
Legends Reborn’ offers a sustainable solution. Younique Yachts believes that extending the life of a grand old yacht is much better than leaving it to rot in a ship graveyard somewhere. Melchers: ‘Not only because it is sad to see beauty waste away, but also because we want to do our part for a sustainable future.’ Younique Yachts tries to add as little as possible to the ever-growing scrapheap and replace the (certified) wood they use by planting new trees in designated areas in the Netherlands.



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