Axopar’s Winning Formula All Fused into a 22-Footer

Axopar has always been known for creating exciting and innovative boats with great handling and performance, combined with solid, competitive pricing for customers.

With a price tag in the region of just €49,000 ‘turn-key ready’ at the factory and inclusive of a Mercury F115hp outboard and 19% VAT, the forthcoming Axopar 22 will continue this market-leading, favourable trend.  A smart boat that packs a punch and will turn heads wherever you go, and all without breaking the bank! New AXOPAR 22


First-time boat buyers are often unaware of the importance of seaworthiness and in having a feeling of safety and comfort underway, which are key features of this boat. It has been noted that many smaller boats on the market today prioritize maximizing deck space, and to fit as many people onboard as possible. This, together with the fitting of superfluous, and often unnecessary, ‘shiny’ deck equipment, is little more than a marketing gimmick, designed to catch the inexperienced and unwary first-time boater’s eye.
These compromised designs risk affecting the way a boat handles in anything other than a flat calm sea. Slamming occurs in waves, resulting in an unpleasant overall driving experience, which can have the negative effect of dissuading a first-time boater to continue boating, or ever wanting to buy another boat again.

Taking a different approach, we used all of our knowledge from the development of our larger models to create one of the best handling, safest 22 footers out there. A boat that is capable of commuting comfortably in changeable conditions and remains predictable and logical in its behaviour, no matter what weather conditions are thrown at it! With Axopar, it’s about offering in-built safety and total peace of mind.

With a good spread of deck options for configuring the boat precisely to each customer’s needs, anyone searching for a meaningful upgrade, for example from a smaller 6 to 7 metre boat, will love the idea of moving up to a more mature, better handling hull; one that has been designed to deal with higher average cruising speeds and a wider range of sea conditions.

New Axopar 22 2


In keeping with our ongoing mission to bring about changes and continual improvements with every new model we launch, let’s take a brief look at some of the value points we can expect to see within this exciting new range:

Pure Axopar, condensed
At Axopar we want our customer’s first experience of boating to be a good one, so we have designed a hull that is safe, stable, and unintimidating, but at the same time fun, comfortable, thrilling and rewarding to drive. By implementing a classic Axopar hull in a smaller size, the outcome is a boat that is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces with minimum windage impact.

The fully trailerableAxopar 22 Spyder
The balance between space, speed and safety is significantly harder to achieve when designing a trailerable boat. By offering a weight-optimised boat, with a displacement of 1,200kg and a 2,23m beam, we believe we can offer this without compromising on the stiffness and integrity of the hull.

Built around a customer’s personal needs
Based upon the same hull platform per each model size, our versatile deck layouts continue to delight thousands of customers around the world, with the same concept applying to the new Axopar 22.

Three different aft deck layouts are available at launch, including a large U-shaped sofa for six people, a multi-storage compartment with seating (either for four seated sideways or two facing forward), or a forward-facing rear bench for two-persons as standard. An optional enclosed toilet at the front of the centre console makes this a perfect proposition for families and guests of all age groups.

A unique production method
Presenting an ‘industry first’ within boats of a similar size, is our three-part, split-mold technology, that, although more complex and more time-consuming to manufacture, has enabled us to maximise hull-width for improved stability, while still retaining that unique Axopar ‘look’ at this new size level.

Turn-key delivery solution
A more efficient and significantly less expensive boat delivery solution has arisen. By enabling a completed boat to be transported in a fixed-size container directly from the factory to our customer, utilizing this new split-mold production method has resulted in significant cost savings for a boat of this size.

‘One world, one boat’ philosophy
Whether serving as a daily commuter in the Arctic, a dive excursion boat in the Mediterranean or as a fishing boat in Northern British Columbia, our ‘one world, one boat’ design & manufacturing philosophy means that every Axopar is built to serve its purpose, admirably, in any environment, anywhere in the world.



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