De Antonio Yachts


After the success of the D23 model, De Antonio Yachts, the brand born in Barcelona in the late 2012 is going strong its new range of motor boats

The new range follows the pioneering and innovative style of its first D23 model. The design with maximum attention to details, high quality finishes and solutions, uses advanced materials and construction systems. The range of boats with sporty features presents a design with straight and pure lines that maximize space on the deck and inside.

D23 Tender:
Designed as a tender to mega yachts or as a water taxi for resorts, hotels or restaurants on the coast. Its interesting deck distribution also makes it compatible for recreational and family uses. It is characterized by a large V-shaped bench in the bow that converts into a solarium thanks to its retractable and extendible table. This area can protect passengers from bad weather with a hood that folds towards the bow until it is completely hidden. Moreover, the D23 Tender is equipped with side doors designed for easy access when approached alongside.

Like in the D23, it is equipped with a hidden outboard engine, to choose between different powers and brands. It offers a variety of paint colours and upholstery as well as numerous customizations.

D23 Cruiser:
It has the same hull and deck distribution as that of the D23 and includes an interesting and practical cabin in the bow with twin beds, and below, a sink, toilet, refrigerator and kitchenette. With a length of just 7 meters, it keeps the modern and pure style of the brand while allowing you to enjoy a long day at sea and optionally up to two people can sleep inside. Its outboard engine versions and a long list of options allow each owner to customize and adapt it to their taste and needs.

The middle of the range. With a length of 9.5 meters and hidden dual outboard engines, it appears as an interesting option for a large segment of people seeking safety, comfort and sportiness. It has a unique design that takes care of every detail. Its style of straight lines and deck design gives it great habitability with ample sundeck and seating area to fully enjoy long days at sea.

The interior optimizes its potential with a suite in the bow, a full bathroom, a kitchen and a small aft cabin with two single beds. Those who are more demanding can choose from three versions of interior finishes, Standard, Sport and Classy. Its twin outboard engine ranges from 200hp up to 2x350hp, with a top speed of 42 knots.

The wide range of paint colours and upholstery, in addition to the list of finishes and options, makes each D33 unique.


De Antonio Yachts   D23

It is the brand icon for 2015. A unique boat on the market that combines top sport features with a modern design and great habitability. It offers ample spaces on deck with two large sundecks in the aft areas and central aisle and two U-shaped benches facing two tables with the possibility of joining them and creating a single space where up to twelve people can eat.

A sliding roof in the hard-top and a large optional aft swing gate, allow closing the entire area of the cabin.

On the inside, it features two studied configurations, the first, standard, with a master bedroom, a suite, living room and kitchen, and the second, with three bedrooms, a master suite and a twin room, giving up in this case the living room and kitchen.

The option to choose from three interior finishes, Standard, Sport and Classy, allows each owner to give it the desired style.

As for the engine, the D43 starts with the standard configuration with a Volvo Penta D6-370 Diesel. Then it covers a wide listof options amongst which we find the most powerful version with a 2xVolvo Penta D9 with 575Kw in each engine and top speed of 45 knots, or the option to be equipped with 4 hidden outboard engines of up to 350hp each.

 Marc de Antonio, co-founder and chief designer, made these declarations at the Boot Düsseldorf 2015: 

"The goal has been to maintain as far as possible the design identity and concepts of our first model, the D23, and propose two new highly demanded versions of this model, one as a tender and another with a small cabin and bathroom. We are continuing the range with a larger model, the D33, also with a hidden dual outboard engines and a very equipped interior. Finally, we complete the range with a very commercial model, the D43, with a length of 13.5 meters. It has the same line, straight shapes and pure volumes, exaggerating the sporty features without compromising maximum liveability. "

Stan Chmielewski, co-founder and sales manager:
"We are very satisfied with the work of recent months. We have become consolidated in the international market, with a presence in countries like Australia, UAE, USA, France, England, Switzerland and of course Spain. The new range has been very well received and we are in negotiations to close representation agreements in other countries".


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