Officina Italiana Design's new styling cues usher

The innovative functional and aesthetic features designed for the brand-new Riva 48’ Dolceriva will be extended to upcoming crafts and define the new Riva look

Twenty-five years on from its foundation, Officina Italiana Design is creating a slew of new design details for the legendary Riva yachts it has been penning since 1994. In fact, the studio’s latest creation, the Riva 48’ Dolceriva, which world-premiered at the last Cannes Yachting Festival, features innovative styling cues due to be extended to many of Riva’s upcoming crafts.

This move opens up a whole new stylistic direction centred around meticulous detailing and sophisticated finishes. The Riva 48’ Dolceriva is poised to become a new icon of elegance in which the three key Riva signatures (mahogany decking, steel and leather) are extensively and seamlessly integrated.

OffIDRiva 2

The model is characterised by two simple lines running along its profile very much reflecting Officina Italiana Design’s clean, rigorous styling philosophy. Certain aesthetic features help make this boat unique: first and foremost of these is the slight reverse-angle of the windshield, a detail that will feature in some of the upcoming Rivas.

The Dolceriva’s originality is clearest in the design of its hull windows which run like a deft upward black pencil stroke along its silvery flank. This styling cue is actually the product of complex technical research and led to an innovative new hull-deck coupling system: the fender bar has been completely removed from the aft area, freeing up space for a steel-edged carbon-fibre air intake.

The Dolceriva also has an unusual rounded stern which, once closed, has a luxury sports car aesthetic in a clever nautical reference to car design.

The interiors are equally impressive. Meticulous attention to detail has produced a refined, elegant look characterised by expansive use of natural leather. This is a day boat that can also be used for weekend excursions. It is available with a choice of just one roomy cabin (in addition to the captain’s) to create an intimate, exclusive ambience, or two for owners wanting a more convivial seafaring experience. The Dolceriva also, however, has lots of very liveable al fresco spaces – its cockpit, for instance, is large enough to comfortably welcome several guests.

OffIDRiva 2

“There is no comparison between the Dolceriva and any other boat on the market: it has a personality and a value all of its own genuinely unequalled in its segment. The Dolceriva’s dimensions are just perfect (15 metres in length) to harmoniously incorporate all the styling cues from Riva’s legacy (colour, steel, mahogany) with top class finishes and detailing. It is probably the most balanced boat we have ever produced. A craft that is not a break with the past but continues a tradition, refining its design with stylistic and technological innovations to ensure it will always stand out from the crowd a little”.
Mauro Micheli, Chief Designer Officina Italiana Design

“The Dolceriva is an exclusive boat that is very representative of the owner’s style. A real design gem to showcase both for its elegance and its formal content. A yacht that fills us with pride”.
Sergio Beretta, CEO Officina Italiana Design


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