Suitform is a Greek-based company founded in 1961 by Bardakos family

Preferred by the largest private yachts in the world as well as shipping companies, hotels and hospitals worldiwide, Suitform is a Greek-based company founded in 1961 by Bardakos family.

Suitform designs and manufactures men and ladies’ uniforms for a global clientele. According to the company’s policy, cooperation is the key to the perfect outcome. Suitform builds on the trust in the highly competent people who are the driving force of the Company. The whole team, with unswerving commitment, acts united towards this common goal: better designs, better quality, better service. 


With its wealth of experience and thorough know-how in the field of uniform manufacture, Suitform combines tradition, innovation and elegance with superb services to their customers. Fully aware of the demands of the market, Suitforms always meets the customers’ requirements to the full. Each customer’s needs are dealt with individually by an entire team dedicated to meet his/her every need, working meticulously towards a unique outcome not only in terms of design and the quality of the materials and textiles, but also of the fitting and comfort of the clothes.

Suitform does not negotiate the quality throughout the manufacturing process. Thus, starting from the design of each item, the unique palette of colours, the high quality of the textiles (bulk which are made in Italy), it all comes down to a high-end product of everlasting elegance, combined with a modern touch.


Excellence in every sector is certified by the Bureau Veritas ISO9001. Besides that, complying with all the parameters, the production as a whole, as well as all the materials used are environmentally friendly, attesting to how ecologically conscious the company is. That bears evidence to Suitform’s moto: "Elegance through deep respect for both the environment and the customers"


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