RAND Boats pushes the limits of electric top speeds

With the new Leisure 28 Electric, RAND Boats once again pushes the limits within electric propulsion at sea.

The top speed of above 40 knots available with the new Leisure 28 Electric marks the first instance of a serial produced electric leisure boat able to provide the full-scale powerboat experience otherwise only available with gasoline or diesel engines.

RAND Boats is considered by many the boat manufacturer farthest in the development of sustainable boating. Since establishment in 2014 the privately held Danish company has invested heavily in as well electric propulsion as sustainable production techniques and build materials. In 2015 the company was e.g. the first to produce a motorboat with re-cycled fiberglass and continues to search for and test the most sustainable build materials available.

March 2020 marks a new milestone in the company’s history and in the process of transforming the boating industry towards sustainability. Leisure 28 is RAND Boats’ current flagship model. It was marketed for the first time in January 2018 and has since then undergone several design iterations and optimizations, making it even more sustainable, light weight and faster without hampering stability and sailing capabilities.

12. Leisure 28
Until now, a select few non serial-built electric vessels have been able to record speeds of app. 50 knots. These boats are, however, customized for record-purposes and unlikely to appeal to the general market. With available top speeds of +40 knots (+72 km/h) and up to two hours of planning speed range the new Leisure 28 Electric sets a new standard for electric performance by traditional sports boats and lifts the bar for what consumers can expect from the industry going forward.
The new Leisure 28 Electric stern drive propulsion package is the result of years of investments and trials. It features an ultra-high efficiency permanent magnet 240 kW engine and a modular lithium battery pack available from 80-120 kWh. The first new Leisure 28 Electric will be delivered to its speed and sustainability loving owners in Spring 2020, who will become the first to own fully capable electric luxury powerboats and pioneer a shift towards a more sustainable motorboat industry.
The new propulsion system is available on RAND Boats’ remaining models from 24 feet upwards as well, and will be also available on the company’s pipeline models for launch in 2020 and 2021.


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