Join me on the "Walk of Fame" of the boat and water sports industry by Petros Michelidakis, Project Director of boot Düsseldorf

 Statement by Petros Michelidakis, Project Director of boot Düsseldorf 

Certainly, there are some sailors among you and as sailors we know that three things are very important before starting the sailing turn.
1. Setting the course
2. Checking the boat, the equipment, the weather forecast and the conditions
3. Inform the crew about where we are heading to and also friends and family ashore

So, as an experienced sailor we are prepared knowing that weather and winds can be unpredictable sometimes and we will reach our destination even under difficult circumstances. Well we have done the same thing with boot Düsseldorf and we are facing an unpredictable situation, I would even say a storm. But boot Düsseldorf is still on course, informing all of you, the devoted crew meaning our exhibitors and our family and friends meaning the water sport community, about our position and further actions. Experienced as Messe Düsseldorf is, we know how to evaluate the situation and how to make sure that the crew, the family and friends will happily meet during boot Düsseldorf in January 2021. In the past decade and maybe for many years there has not been a more challenging period for the water sport industry than today. The whole world came nearly to a full stop in spring followed by an increasing demand for boats and Yachts or surf sport equipment meanwhile, everything connected to travelling like diving or charter was losing ground and until today nobody can predict if, how or when things will get better for them. Sometimes during a sailing trip its wise to keep the course when you don’t know how strong and from which direction the wind will blow.

This is exactly the point where we are. In Germany and many countries around a “lock down” is forcing us to keep our course but to evaluate the situation week by week. Our government believes, and we do, too, that the lockdown will decrease the number of infections to a level at which fairs with an approved hygiene concept can be held. This is why we hold on to boot Düsseldorf in January. Time still allows us to reevaluate the whole situation at the end of
November and to announce all further actions during the first week of December. This week is crucial since the large yachts, and we expect some in the 100 feet category, have to be loaded in several spots in the Mediterranean for their journey to Düsseldorf. So please be patient and wait for new announcements during the first week of December. I would like to take the opportunity to express a heartfelt thank you to our exhibitors – our crew – for the great support and trust. I would also like to thank the media for presenting the news of this beautiful industry during the whole year keeping the community informed about all developments in each sector. Well lets go ahead looking at what we can expect when boot Düsseldorf will open its doors on the 23rd of January!


600 PROTaction Guides in action at boot 2021
PRotaction is not only the name of our hygiene concept. It’s the way to make everybody feel good and enjoy the presence of the community at boot Düsseldorf but also to enjoy what boot Düsseldorf is known for! I believe that even with a mouth-and-nose protection, we will feel the same passion and enthusiasm for water sports. Safety has always been a top priority for Messe Düsseldorf. We’ve always had our own fire brigade, a medical center and ambulances. Furthermore, we check each stand before the show in terms of the safety requirements. Now we were asked to implement a new safety strategy and we did very successfully during Caravan Salon. For the protection of our exhibitors and visitors we will engage additional 600 people, so-called "PROTaction Guides" on duty at boot Düsseldorf. They will be friendly and determined to ensure that hygiene and infection prevention measures are observed. I can assure you that safety is our highest and most important goal.

boot gives the starting signal for the 2021 season
We are in good shape with boot Düsseldorf 2021, the boat and yacht halls are very well booked. The industry is really longing for an appearance in
Düsseldorf, the manufacturers finally want - and some of them will confirm this right here in their video statements - to present their boats again to a
broad audience with a high expertise. Thus, the boot is again the first trade fair in the new year to give the starting signal for the season of 2021. "Walk of Fame" of the international boat and engine industry. The walk through the Halls 1, 3, 4 to 7 as well as through the Halls 9 and 10 and 15 to 17 reads like a "Walk of Fame" of the international boat and engine industry despite the difficult situation.

Motor yachts up to 20 meters in Hall 1
But let's start with our foray into Hall 1, our latest architectural gem in the circle of exhibition halls since last year. Here the motor steel yachts, which
are particularly popular with families, are real eye-catchers. Sounding names such as Bénéteau, Elling, Jeanneau or Linssen with their mediumsized - 10 to 20 metres - motor yachts show flagships in the truest sense of the word. Greenline from Slovenia, for example, also presents its 45 coupé yacht with flybridge. Decorated with eight solar modules and powered by a hybrid engine, it invites visitors to enjoy sustainable cruising.

Hall 3 shines with outboard engines and entry-level models
Next door, in Hall 3, newcomers to motor boating will get their money's worth. The brands Bayliner, Brunswick, Quicksilver show day cruisers that offer real driving pleasure. And if you are looking for the right outboard motor to go with your boat, you can get information from Yanmar, Honda, Mercury or Suzuki. Practical tips for beginners are provided, for example, by the German Marine Federation, the German Motor Yacht Association and the Association of Sports Boat and Shipbuilding Experts.

Hall 4 with interesting trends in electric boats
In the neighbouring Hall 4 we started last year to set up a special area for electric boats. Here, among other things, the X Shore Boats of the innovative Swedish entrepreneur Konrad Bergström will inspire lasting enthusiasm. Also on board are Boat Solutions with electric dinghies and the Italian shipyard Invictus.

Super Boats in Hall 5
Since 2020, Hall 5 has been dedicated to superboats - a boot Düsseldorf specific word creation for elegant tenders. The manufacturers were enthusiastic about the idea from the very beginning. Since boot 2020, tenders and RIBs of the higher price class have been on board in the direct vicinity of luxury yacht Hall 6. And I am glad that we can show cool and extremely trendy superboats this year again. The list of manufacturers reads like a "Who is Who" of the scene. Among them are for example the Italian manufacturers Sacs, Wally, Frauscher, Pardo, Solaris Power or the German specialist for environmentally friendly carbon boats, Say. And we are expecting many new models presented at a boat show for the first time. Sacs, for example, has already announced that they will be exhibiting an inflatable RIB in the top class and very upscale price category - up to 2 million € - in Düsseldorf.

Hall 6 invites you to dream with unusual luxury yachts
Hall 6 is impressive with an almost complete range of luxury yacht manufacturers. The sound of the names alone invites you to dream: Absolute, Azimut-Benetti, Ferretti, Pearl, Princess, Sanlorenzo, Sirena or Sunseeker, who does not go into raptures at the sight of these luxury yachts? Even a 34-metre yacht is to go ashore for boot 2021 in Düsseldorf. Representatives of the luxury yacht industry will answer the questions of our expert Marcus Krall here at the boot Media Conference today. Their testimonials "pro boot" are a great pleasure for us. Prove that we are on the right course with boot and that we have the boat industry on our side. It is extremely important for all manufacturers to present their new models in Düsseldorf at the beginning of the year and thus boost sales for the upcoming season. I am already looking forward to the talks with Giovanna Vitelli, Massimo Perotti, Alberto Galassi and AnthonySheriff.

Design, interior and super yacht shipyards in Hall 7a
Accordingly, the Super Yacht Show in Hall 7a is also very well booked. Here, designers such as Beiderbeck from Bremen, who creates individual interiors for yacht owners, as well as Super Yacht shipyards are on board. Bering, Fabiani, Gruppo Fipa and KM Yachtbuilders will be showing models of their beauties at their information stands. Yacht brokers, transport companies for mega-yachts and exclusive marinas such as the chic Porto Rotondo in Sardinia, for example, perfectly complement the Super Yacht Show.

Maritime Art in Hall 7
After so much extravagance and impressions, Hall 7 is an excellent place to recharge your batteries among maritime works of art. Our art show captivates with beautiful works relating to seafaring and the water. Galleries and individual artists will be showing paintings, pictures, photographs, sculptures, arts and crafts either for fitting out a boat or for maritime interior decoration on land.

Surfing at its best in Hall 8a
Surfing at its best is offered in Hall 8a. Our well known Beachworld with "The WAVE", made by citywave will be a highlight of the show again.We are planning to deepen the flatwater pool and equip it with wind machines to be able to present the new trend wind foiling. Later on in today's surf slot with Flo Brunner from Starboard, extreme sportsman Michael Walther and surf world champion and specialist Andrea Hoeppner we will show you the trends and special features of the scene.

Halls 9 and 10: the focus will be on RIBs, tenders and nauticalequipment
RIBs, tenders and rubber dinghies are the focus of attention in Hall 9. In addition, built-in engines as classic combustion drives with the latest technology or sustainable electric motors can be found here. With Torqeedo, Kräutler Elektromotoren or Aquamot, e-mobility has been on board in Düsseldorf for many years with new developments. Likewise, international market leaders in the accessories segment such as Liqui  Moly, B.I.S. Equipment, Dometic or Dimension Polyant are real driving forces for the trade visitors at boot.

Diving halls 11 and 12 with new diving location
Unfortunately, the diving sector has suffered a lot from the travel restrictions and many companies are struggling to survive. Despite that, we are very happy to have a large variety of diving destinations and equipment providers with us. In the course of our conference representatives of diving association, Aqua Lung and the VDST (German Sport Divers Association) will give us insights on the diving industry.

Popular diving destinations invite you to Hall 12
I am more than delighted that we will have a number of fantastic diving and water sports destinations with great presentations. Just to name a few of them: Egypt will show its dream destinations Marsa Alam, El Quesir and El Gouna. On Bonair the National Marine Park invites you to explore the biodiversity of the Caribbean. Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea are well known destinations and divers are invited to book their dream vacation at one of these at boot. Not to forget Palau and the Canary Islands or Mediterranean destinations like Turkey or Croatia.

Hall 13: Chartering and holidays on the houseboat
In hall 13 and 14 we will have many exhibitors to fulfill charter dreams as well as marinas presenting their unique services. Fleet operators, charter agents and touristic water sport destinations will show their new portfolio of products and services. Representatives of Bavaria, Hanse and Beneteau will be on the stage together with Kiriacoulis Charter, the most important provider in the Mediterranean and the third largest sailboat charter company in the world, to discuss the latest developments in the industry. In the World of Paddling in Hall 14, there is canoeing in the river for testing: safe fun in compliance with hygiene measures. And if you've got canoe fever, you can fulfil your personal paddling dream at manufacturers and dealers such as Chris-Kajaks, EKÜ-Sport, Gatz Kanus or Mega Sports in Hall 14.

"start boating" and "start sailing" in hall 15
The last year has shown us impressively that a return to nature and sports in nature, in these times, are very calming and important for inner harmony. With our beginner programs "start boating" and "start sailing" we are therefore right on target. We want to bring the boating sport closer to the people, not only because it is contactless, which is unfortunately not unimportant nowadays, but it is close to nature and simply beautiful. And for this, the dream destination in the Caribbean does not always have to be the destination. At “start boating” and “start sailing” we will answer all questions a future skipper might have. Everything a sailor's heart desires in halls 15 to 17 boot 2021 is excellently positioned in the sailing boat and yacht sector in halls 15 to 17: for example, Bavaria, Bénéteau, CNB, Dufour, Elan, Fountaine Pajot, Hallberg-Rassy, Hanse, Nautor/Swan, Sirena, or Solaris will be present and show their latest models under the boot roof. In our Sailing Center, well-known and popular faces of the scene will tell about their adventures on stage.

Experience the boot Düsseldorf together with respect and consideration

Dear friends of boot Düsseldorf, as you can see, we will offer you a very well sorted and comprehensive assortment of boats and yachts, diving and surfing, exciting join-in activities and attractive stage programs also in 2021. During Caravan Salon we’ve proven that our hygiene concept is created to ensure everybody’s safety but still allows the visitors to enjoy walking through the halls, to visit the stands, to compare the products and to buy a diving mask or a super yacht. You will still feel the magic of boot Düsseldorf. I thank you for your attention and wish you an interesting and stimulating boot Media Conference. 


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