GOFAS Mykonos Boutique welcomes Chantecler

GOFAS Mykonos Boutique welcomes Chantecler

In the heart of the secular life of Mykonos, through the virtues of aesthetics and freedom possessed by the endless energy of this island, GOFAS Mykonos Boutique was born in 1975.

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GOFAS boutique welcomes friends and visitors with top suggestions from the greatest watchmaking and jewelry brands, reflecting luxury and timeless elegance. Among them you can admire Chantecler collection!

Chantecler was born in Capri, a magical island at the heart of the Mediterranean. Its charm transcends time, its history lays its roots in the myth. For Chantecler, Capri represents the starting point, the present, and leap towards the future. Its energy, colors and unparalleled scents never cease to inspire our creative universe of high jewelry. Tradition and metamorphosis, recognizable codes overlaid with timeless inventiveness. Capri is Chantecler, and Chantecler is Capri.

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