Navi Concierge: Antiparos Office

Navi Concierge: Antiparos Office UPDATED

Navi introduces its office ‘’Navi Concierge’’, located in Antiparos port, subsidiary of ‘’Navi Oceandis’’, specializing in yacht and boat chartering.

Its experienced staff and recognised partners are here to provide our high-end services in the most professional way.

Navi's philosophy is to create the most memorable experience while respecting the privacy of its clients and maintaining an excellent response rate to their needs.

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Its team of specialists would be delighted to provide a one-on-one advice and bespoke services.

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Below you will find its wide range of service provision as well as detailed presentation of its fleet.

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• Boats, motor boats & sailing yachts charters
• Daily cruises & island transfers
• Yacht provisioning (Paros & Antiparos channel)
• Yacht garbages collection 
• Helicopter transfers between Greek islands / Athens
• Luxury VIP Van transfers between Paros & Antiparos
• Villas bookings 
• Villas provisioning
• Cleaning services
• Art gallery (opening on June 20th)
• Restaurant - Beach reservations & Lifestyle
• Private Parties
• Nannies
• Events



Thanassis Lalas has a "holistic" approach to life; and this is what characterises him because he is an artist that is not limited to a single art form. In addition, he is able to make art out of everything he engages with.

Over the past twenty years, he has devoted himself to painting and sculpture. He lives between Athens, Paris and Miami. During this period, he has presented his work in various exhibitions. He has had dozens solo exhibitions that defined his career and artistic approach and for the last eight continuous years he has been participating in Art Basel Miami. He has had six solo exhibitions at Opera Gallery in Paris and Miami, four solo exhibitions at Benrimon gallery in New York and a sculpture of his is in the permanent collection of MOMA museum New York.

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He began by drawing notebooks of daily notes and appointments, art diaries and, at the same time, he began to draw on restaurant tablecloths and on everyday objects (sheets, clothes, televisions, shoes, tableware, tables, chairs, doors, walls..., on anything) creating his own unique and artistic world, the world of Thanassis Lalas. This was the title of his latest solo exhibition in Athens which presented 130 of his works including both painting and sculpture.

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For Thanassis Lalas the exploitation of trash is "the evidence of the culture of a country, of our world". "The less trash we produce the higher the dose of culture we enjoy... Everything around us is an opportunity, a new beginning to recreate the world. It all starts with the mark of each and every one of us. This mark is our signature... A unique mark that tries to represent the anxiety, the spirit, the feeling that lives within us... This is a work of art of today. Art transforms nothing into something, time into eternity, and man on earth into a bird with wings in heaven... Art has to do with skills and clumsiness that hide our deep desire to respond to the phenomenon of life and death... Art is a daily necessary walk, for no particular reason, in the plains of white, in the land of nothing. Art is the sense of survival, in any circumstances; of the defect of man that is creation. "

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