Faroboats: Unveils the Faro Powerdock® During Live Event in Lisbon

Faroboats: Unveils the Faro Powerdock® During Live Event in Lisbon

Faroboats, builders of the 2022 Gussies Awards winner Faro5 Wood, revealed their Faro Powerdock® during a live event at the charismatic St Amaro’s Dock in Lisbon.

Aboard the sailing yacht “Go Mary”, Faroboat’s 105 guests were treated to a live first-hand reveal of the Powerdock®, a stunning pas-de-deux performance by the Faro5 Wood and the Faro5 Fibre on the water, a full live demo of the Powerdock®’s capabilities, sea trials on both Faro5s, and a lively sunset cocktail party that left no one indifferent. Overall, a memorable evening that showcased Faroboat’s premiere of the first fully autonomous, 100% sustainable solution for leisure and exploration boating in the world - the Faro Powerdock®.

FARO5 Wood 1

The setting for this stunning event could not be more befitting, or international for that matter: the St Amaro dock sprawls under the emblematic 25th of April bridge - an architectural & engineering wonder that replicates S. Francisco’s Golden Gate, under the statuesque gaze of the massive statue of Christ that transports us all the way to Rio, and not a few hundred yards apart from all the monuments in Lisbon that celebrate the Portuguese discoveries in the XV and XVI Centuries. In all, a perfect frame to the groundbreaking innovation the Portuguese-built Powerdock® brings to the nautical world.

FARO5 Wood 2

“We’re here to give you a glimpse of the future. A self-sustainable future. A future that is independent of infrastructure, of economic shifts and conflicts, of anything that does not depend on ourselves and our love of the waterways. A future that does not waste, does not pollute, does not infringe on others or the planet. A statement of self-sufficiency.” - With these words, Faroboats removed the nets covering the Powerdock® and revealed it to the world.

FARO5 Wood 3

“The Faro Powerdock is the first solution of its kind in the world. It is Powered by 16 solar panels that charge its internal batteries in a single day in the sun. It is towable, and absolutely independent from any power grid. It fits into any wide berth on any Marina but can be moored anywhere in the world, even where there are no marinas, since it can be your very own private marina”, they went on over the loudspeakers spread throughout the huge sailing catamaran where the launch event took place.

As the nets were removed from the Powerdock®, a Faro5 Fibre glided out smoothly from within, initiating a sequence of coordinated movements to the sound of Vangelis’ “Horizon”. Disappearing behind a docked yacht, a Faro5 Wood appeared from the very same spot and they both finished the demonstration in a series of beautifully synchronised moves. We could not help but notice how elegantly - and quietly - the Faro5’s slice through the calm waves, and how high their hulls sit in the water when they move. The applause was enthusiastic and the atmosphere of excitement and awe was contagious. Many guests came closer to the Powerdock® for the live demo of its capabilities and were treated to sunset tours aboard both Faro5’s.

Tomás Costa Lima, the Naval Designer that created the Faro Powerdock® and the Faro5 range, could not contain his emotions: “It has been 4 years of inspiration, hard work, and overcoming the kind of challenges you only face when you’re building something that does exist yet, from the drawing board to the shipyard. But looking at the expressions of our guests and feeling their excitement makes it all worthwhile, and we’re ready for the next steps in our innovation ladder”, he stated.

FARO5 Wood 5

“This particular Powerdock® was specifically designed and built for our own Faro5’s. But we are pleased to announce today that we will be offering different and customised versions of the Powerdock® for any electric or hybrid boat up to 12m.” Nuno Frazão, CEO of Faroboats, announced on the occasion. Faroboats has already begun taking pre-orders to both Faro5 Solar Sets and Powerdock Marine docks for other brands of electric or hybrid boats.

Powerdock and FARO5 Wood 3

When asked about outside investment, the CEO of Faroboats replied: “We have come this far using our own capital, aided by a small contribution from the Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway Grants. But we may need outside investment if we want to accelerate our growth, so the doors are not closed at all”. Faroboats is already represented in 15 countries across 5 continents, but there are still quite a few territories where they are searching for representation.