[Announcement] Sanlorenzo and Bluegame in Greece by Ekka Yachts

2021 marks a new era for EKKA Yachts.

"We are more than excited to announce our new strategic partnership with the Sanlorenzo and Bluegame shipyards, which we will be representing in Greece from now on.

The new partnership with Sanlorenzo and Bluegame, a brand of Sanlorenzo, together with our current portfolio of dealerships, is impeccably timed and more relevant to the tides of the yachting world than ever. The two companies and EKKA share a contemporary and wide-ranging vision, a mutual philosophy and passion for the sea, and the firm belief that top-quality yachts add exceptional value to their owners’ yachting experience.

Given Sanlorenzo’s remarkable top notch quality in terms of design and construction, we are confident that our joined expertise will be further enhanced by our shared business philosophy: profound respect for our customers, professionalism, deep knowledge of the products and commitment to offer value-added services to those for whom compromise is not an option.

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 This new agreement also marks the decision not to renew our contract with the Ferretti Group. Αfter 37 years of an extremely successful partnership, time has come for a change. It was not an easy decision but over the course of the last few years, it has become evident that our views on key issues, such as product development and customer approach, have significantly diverged. It is important to note, however, that we shall continue to support and offer high-quality services to the customers we have delivered yachts to, for as long as necessary. More than anything, we are fully committed to our credo that “no sale is successful unless it leads to at least one new customer recommendation”.

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1984 was a landmark year for EKKA YACHTS: it was when we started to build the first “real yacht dealership in Greece”. We were enthusiastic and passionate about our vision then and remain even more so today. We now invite you to share our excitement for the models designed and constructed by Sanlorenzo and Bluegame, the new additions to the range of shipyards we are honored to represent. As we say in Greek, always wishing you “Good seas” and auspicious journeys"

Dimitris Kyriazakos, CEO, Ekka Yachts