Jotun Hellas: Protecting the Athenian Trireme Olympias

The Athenian Trireme, ‘Olympias’ is a historic ship.

It is an exact replica of the Athenian Trireme of the 5th Century BC. The construction of the ship began in 1985 and completed in 1987 with designs from the ‘Trireme Trust’ of Britain. Olympias is the only unique functioning replica in the world. It is a renowned ship made of iroko wood,37 meters long, made to fit a crew of 170 rowers and, when it comes to speed, it can reach up to 8 knots.

Olympias is now in the ownership of the Hellenic Navy. Jotun, as a leader in marine coatings, has been supporting this extraordinary ship, as a standing sponsor, by providing the solution that is needed to keep it in a great condition and ensure its longevity.


Imperial is a premium antifouling with the most modern and advanced technology.

Imperial provides an excellent protection from deterioration, friction and speed loss, making Olympias resistant to the harsh conditions at sea.

‘We are honored to be apart of protecting this historic ship’’ mentioned Nikos Markakis General Manager of Jotun Hellas& Cyprus,‘’and we are looking forward to seeing it sailing again.’’


The Hellenic Navy generously offered Olympias to Jotun Hellas to create this video with the goal to highlight the uniqueness and significance of the trireme ship.

YouTube Video Protecting Tomorrow –The Athenian Trireme ‘Olympias’