Another sale for Mangusta Yachts

The year 2017 has proven a rewarding one for the Overmarine Group, with the delivery of 4 vessels over 40 m and 10 yachts under construction, of which 5 will be ready next summer.

All of this with a remarkable record: in 2018, the company will deliver models of all three its product lines. The first 54 m of the new Fast Displacement line, the Mangusta Gransport 54; the 46m of the Mangusta Oceano displacement line and three Maxi Open Mangusta vessels.

The year closes also with an increase in orders: a few weeks after the last announcement, the Group is pleased to announce the sale of its fifth yacht of 2017. It is another Maxi Open of the Mangusta 110 series, hull no. 4, this destined to a European Owner. The unique trait of this vessel can be found in term performance in all its meanings. In terms of speed: the MTU 16V2000 M96L engines push it over 33 knots in maximum speed.

In terms of onboard comfort: this model glides elegantly over the water, with no vibrations and noise, thanks to its waterjet propulsion. The presence of a gyroscopic stabilization system allows reducing pitches and rolls, optimizing comfort when anchored and when cruising, in stormy waters, too. The distinctive characteristic, as for all Mangusta models, are also the large volumes onboard, the comfort of the open areas and the optimal balance between indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a yacht that clearly expresses the comfort and luxury desired for its guests, who, on board, can enjoy many privacy and socialization area both inside and “al fresco” and experience a vacation that can change landscape every day, taking them from one place to another in a few hours.

In terms of functionality: the reduced draft, of just 1.70 meters, allows cruising also in shallow waters. It can be easily maneuvered through joystick and it is equipped with dynamic positioning, which allows the vessel to remain in a specific GPS position without being affected by the tide, wind and current.

In terms of quality: the extensive experience of the Balducci family in building large vessels combined with continuous technical research and innovation leads to high engineering quality and reliability that last over time.

Last but not least, it is a style made of sleek and sporty lines, a timeless contemporary design that made the Maxi Open Mangusta vessels icons in the truest sense of the word.

On request of the Client, interior design was entrusted to the famous Netherlands-based designer Piet Boon who, in cooperation with the in-house Design & Decoration Office will manufacture, as per Mangusta’s tradition, a unique, bespoke custom built yacht, that satisfies the stylistic choices and lifestyle needs of its Owner.
“Behind every sale there are certainly a good product and an Owner in love,” said Francesco Frediani, Mangusta’s Commercial Director. “However, there is also significant teamwork, both during the pre-contractual phase and the manufacturing of the vessel”.

This additional success is the result of the intense strategic activity that Mangusta, in cooperation with its sales partners, is carrying out on all the major markets.
In this case, a big thank you goes to Michl Marine, owned by Manfred Michl, with main office in Marina Ibiza, Balearic Islands, fantastically supported by Giuseppe Mazza, Mangusta Area Manager for Northern & Southern Europe.

The delivery of this vessel is scheduled for 2019.