Riva - Scuderia Ferrari sponsorship renewal

.Two contemporary legends are coming together again, to the delight of fans of high-octane entertainment and quintessential Italian style.

Riva, the iconic yachting brand is once again side by side with Scuderia Ferrari for the 2017 Formula 1™ World Championship. All twenty of this season's races offer the opportunity to get to know the pair that is based on deep-rooted affinities, bound to leadership in design and production that is the result of the genius and determination of Carlo Riva and Enzo Ferrari.

With its unmistakable aquamarine colour, the Riva logo stood out on the helmets of the Maranello-based team’s two drivers as it accompanied Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen in their triumphant first and second place finishes in the Monaco Grand Prix, where Riva celebrated the European Première of its new Riva 100’ Corsaro, the shipyard’s latest masterpiece.

The Riva - Scuderia Ferrari union reveals the world the idea of craftsmanship and tailor-made products that is the foundation for the success of these two, unique, exclusive brands.

“We are ardent to see Riva with Ferrari, the most famous Italian brand, in the 2017 Formula 1TM World Championships. This extraordinary combination of two absolute icons, Riva and Ferrari, together celebrated the victory of the 75th edition of the Monaco Grand Prix, renewing a connection between manufacturers that has no equal in terms of history, popularity and ability to perpetuate its supremacy”, explained Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group 

The 2017 Championship is more exciting than ever, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats until the last Grand Prix of the season in Abu Dhabi on 26th November.

Against the always enchanting backdrop of the Principality, with the glamour nd prestige of the Grand Prix de Monaco, one of the most challenging races in the entire Formula 1TM World Championship. There could never be a better opportunity for the European début of the Riva 100’ Corsaro, on the heels of its success in Hong Kong last April, at its world premiere. The new Riva flybridge was unveiled to yachting enthusiasts and aficionados, immediately raising in them that emotion reserved for maritime masterpieces that captivate on first glimpse.

The 100’ Corsaro is the new intriguing chapter in the history of this legendary brand that in 2017 is celebrating its 175th anniversary. A descendent from Riva’s historic models, it is the perfect blend of comfort, performance, style and safety. Its majestic size is complemented - in an exceptionally balanced way - by a sporty look distinguished by a sleek outline, metallic colours in dark shades and broad expanses of glass. The Riva 100’ Corsaro is the result of a joint effort between Officina Italiana Design, the studio founded by designers Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, which is exclusively responsible for the entire Riva fleet, along with the Product Strategy Committee guided by Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department.

“The audience at the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, the most famous coastal location in the Formula 1TM World Championship, was completely taken with the majestic elegance of the new Riva 100’ Corsaro. The presentation of this incredible, innovative yacht was an event-in-the-event: the port of Monaco and the Yacht Club de Monaco were dressed in Riva style. The 100’ Corsaro is a beautiful yacht in terms of design and proportions, elegant and powerful at the same time. It is a true wide-body that combines large volumes with an incredible attention to details. It is already a best-seller without rivals on the market.” stated Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group. “The 100’ Corsaro 100’ was Scuderia Ferrari’s lucky charm: Riva, official sponsor, and Ferrari celebrated the Monaco Grand Prix win, the first in 16 years.”

In addition to the new Riva 100’ Corsaro, the Grand Prix de Monaco was an opportunity to admire the Riva 76’ Perseo, the brilliant coupé that won seven prizes for its design, as well as the ground-breaking Riva 76’ Bahamas, the only convertible yacht in this new class, created by Riva starting from its extraordinary 88’ Florida.