Maxi Open Mangusta 94 sold

Mangusta 94 is the seventh Maxi Open Mangusta in the last few years to leave Italy for this important market that is becoming ever more strategic for Mangusta.

It is the crowning glory of intense, carefully targeted planning efforts in the country that have been underway for a number of years now and Stefano Arlunno, the Americas Area Manager, has become the person to go to. In the light of the outstanding results and to meet the demands of our customers in an increasingly effective way, the team and the American facility are soon to be uprated.

The structure is already well organised in order to support the large fleet of Mangusta yachts that zip through Florida waters, in the most glamorous locations in the north and soon on the west coast, too.
And Mangusta brand is, rightly, more and more recognized and appreciated for its very sophisticated technological content together with an astonishing on-board comfort even for Owners wanting to plough the waters at thirty-eight knots, as it is soon to become for this Mangusta 94.

“A new sales success that has been achieved because American customers see in Mangusta yachts a functional set up and quality engineering technology beyond their sheer beauty”, says Francesco Frediani, Mangusta’s Commercial Director. “They also particularly appreciate our shipyard because they know there is a family business that has been operating in the industry for over sixty years behind it. And then there are people like Stefano Arlunno, who are the perfect embodiment of the company’s values, who are always on hand to guarantee the attention and assistance locally that they merit”

Mangusta 94 2

Mangusta 94 is a perfect interpreter of what a “Maxi Open Mangusta” means: great visual impact with timeless sporting lines and on-board technology that is always at the cutting edge, for faultless cruising.
Mangusta 94 is ideal for those who want to reach their destination in total comfort but very fast if that is what they want. It is versatile like all Mangusta yachts, and it is particularly appreciated for its functionality including cruising in shallow water thanks to its waterjet propulsion, a must for cruising in the Americas.

This yacht, like the other contains all Mangusta’ latest generation technology, with engines that guarantee the maintenance of the high performance levels with decidedly lower consumption and with the KameWa / Rolls Royce waterjet propulsion system for sleek, smooth cruising. On-board comfort whether at anchor or on the way is provided by two gyroscopic stabilisers that do their job of stabilising the boat in all seas, admirably.

As for every other Mangusta, this yacht, the fifth in the series, will have interiors and decors custom designed to mirror the Owner’s wishes and produced as always with a craftsman’s care: from the choice of the materials to the quality of the work, for every detail on board.

The yacht will be ready for the summer of 2018.