Superyacht 5th Element 105 meters

Superyacht 5th Element 105 meters

The five elements of nature are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether (Space). These elements have a close relationship with the human body and balance in these elements is vital.

Everything in nature is composed of these five basic elements, which represent the physical and energetic qualities of the human body and of the universe. Each element has a certain relationship with the other elements, based on their nature. These relationships form the laws of nature and are represented in the interiors of our Super yacht, with each of the decks matching the color scheme of an element, to maintain this balance throughout the whole of the interior areas.

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In the images of the concept, you will notice the Pool deck with the Earth’s colors and the Owners deck with the colors scheme of Water and unique materials are used such as Volcanic stone in the Ice chamber and pure crystals on the ceiling inserts.

  Superyacht element 1

Lead And Designed By A Few Of The Brightest Imaginations Of The Industry. 

We believe that great design relies on the combination of design and function, and seek luxury in the contrast between materials, and the serenity in cruising the ocean waters aboard one of the 21st century’s marvels of design with amenities and good storage for memory-making essentials.

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Project 5th Element has been designed by Theodoros Fotiadis who carves his own path in the Superyacht design industry and is backed by a group of ambitious individuals with various 100m+ realized projects and more than a century of combined experience between them, these came together to create a true representation of evolution, and a result of experiences.

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A Pinnacle Of A Timeless Past That Combines A Futuristic Taste And Serene Interiors.

A 105-meter-long sleek and rigid body that carries luxury through the open seas, this superyacht has been designed to give all guests a relaxing experience, with convertible interiors that breath out serenity and the added beach club area that connects with the sea.

With masculine, angled exteriors covered with vast glass windows, and a peaceful interior that contains every sort of luxury imaginable, project 5th Element beautifully
combines two opposite ends of the spectrum and a clean architectural design that stands out in an ocean of similar vessels and designs.

Superyacht element 7  

An Interior That Charms Those With An Acquired Taste.

From the delicate sunlight reflecting on the wooden floors to the curved railing surrounding the private swimming pool, and hidden lighting completing a Davinci-esk masterpiece, the interiors of project 5th Element offer convertible spaces that connect the lounge with the outside deck, the main salon with the indoor pool-SPA all together function and communicate effortless, without complicated gadgets.

Surrounded by seamless glass walls, spotlight lighting, and topped off with golden accents to emphasize the curves in the walls, the living room is definitely the prime place to be on project 5th Element. With unobstructed views of your sailing paradise and interiors made with sustainable materials and spaces designed with a focus on operation, the 5th Element project leaves nothing to be craved.

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Sharp, Angular Exteriors To Effortlessly Pave Your Path Through The Seas.

Capable of sailing, as satisfying as a knife through butter, and to perform as sharp as a shark’s fin, project 5th Element is the perfect example of timeless design wrapped around modern technology that allows you to extent the season for year-round sailing. With a restful interior design, project 5th Element boasts a full deck SPA area and a built-in beach club that serves as your own waterfront and adds an unmatched feeling of more independence, endurance and tranquility.

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