50m Sunreef Explorer: Private Expeditions in Luxury

50m Sunreef Explorer: Private Expeditions in Luxury

Sunreef Explorer Yachts are designed to go anywhere, from lush tropical islands to the most extreme latitudes.

They can remain self-sufficient for months and offer all the autonomy needed for worldwide exploration in ultimate comfort, safety, and luxury. From mountain biking in Greenland, diving in Ushuaia, horseback riding in Galapagos or whale-watching in Newfoundland, the new 50M Sunreef Explorer is dedicated to all those who dream of expanding their yachting horizons.

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Dive compressors, sea bobs, e-bikes, e-foils, sailing dinghies and tenders - the 50M Sunreef Explorer holds enough storage capacity to welcome an impressive fleet of water toys on board. Every cruise is an opportunity to explore uninhabited lands and interact with nature on a whole new level. Every detail of the yacht’s design and equipment can be tailored to satisfy the needs of passionate divers, adrenaline-seekers or fishing enthusiasts.

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With a private spa, a gym and outdoor cinema with a bar, the 50M Sunreef Explorer provides superyacht comfort in the most remote cruising grounds. Designed and built to provide unrivaled luxury, the explorer catamaran opens unlimited possibilities for alfresco lounging with an immense aft deck using the entire 14,3m beam. Her interiors welcome up to twelve guests in light-filled dining and relaxation areas and custom-designed staterooms.

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Catamarans are the safest platforms for extended navigation, as all crucial systems on board are doubled. With two engines, two fuel tanks, multiple generators and two water tanks, an explorer catamaran guarantees redundancy and reliability in all critical areas. The design of the 50M Sunreef Explorer also includes impressive storage capacities for provisioning as well as a smart waste management system. The yacht’s tender cranes, garages, windlasses, aft platform and thrusters are all perfectly engineered for delivering the ultimate performance, even in the most difficult conditions.

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