HP KILO by HP Watermakers: World première at MetsTrade 2022

HP KILO by HP Watermakers: World première at MetsTrade 2022

Irreplaceable in everyday life, water becomes even more precious on board, where limiting consumption is often required if travelling at sea for several days.

Watermakers are the ideal solution to solve this age-old problem; HP Watermakers has long stood out for its ability to develop a series of solutions and systems that make using these precious machines easier and safer than ever.

It will be possible to admire all this in Amsterdam at the next MetsTrade, the most important world exhibition dedicated to nautical accessories, held from 15 to 17 November. HP Watermakers will be present at the stand 01.433, Hall 1, with three new items: one at its world debut and two exhibited for the first time at MetsTrade.

HP Kilo metsrade 1

Having fresh water available as needed on medium-sized yachts, from 35’ to 50', is a pressing need among people who use their boat quite a lot and who cannot do without the guaranteed availability of fresh water for all on-board services. On maxi yachts this problem can be solved with powerful generators and watermakers, but on medium-sized boats, including sailing boats where displacement plays a fundamental role for performance and entertainment, it is very much an issue.

If electricity is available in limited amounts, the solution used so far consists in 12VDC or 24VDC watermakers which, when operating continuously for long periods, have unfortunately clearly proven to not be fully reliable. HP Watermakers has therefore chosen to solve the problem with an innovative solution that promises to shake the market: a 220V watermaker that uses only 1 kWh to continuously produce 120 l/h of fresh water. The use of alternating current guarantees undoubted advantages: it extends the life of the electric motors and their efficiency, electricity absorption is more fluid and installation is simpler with smaller cable sections.
It is easy to understand how HP Watermakers' HP KILO is expected to be a real revolution in the market of watermakers on medium-sized boats, which often rely only on batteries and inverters or have generators limited to 5 kW at the most.

HP Kilo metsrade 2

HP KILO will be built using the frame of the HP SCA model launched in 2021, which achieved an unexpected sales success due to its small size, 840 mm X 455 X 420 (H).

HP Watermakers is the first company in its sector to develop its own interface, called Part-NET, which is fully compatible with the on-board electronic systems of brands such as Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno, Simrad, B&G and Lowrance. Part-NET allows the user to control the entire desalination system - including pressure and all other operating parameters - from the plotter on the dashboard, or even from a smartphone when an internet connection is available, without any manual intervention required. Part-NET 2.0 retains all the innovations of the previous model, but adds even more flexibility and functionality thanks to the customisation possibilities and the very intuitive graphic interface.

HP Kilo metsrade 4

There is never enough drinking water and, even when docked, having the equipment to treat the water supplied by the marinas may be advisable - this makes the water consumed on board safer. At MetsTrade, HP Watermakers will present the MWT BASIC unit, which has been specifically designed for the treatment of marina-supplied water (MWT stands for Marina Water Treatment). The units are equipped with a special membrane and a filtering system without the use of salt (as in softeners) to ensure a prompt supply of soft water on board, avoiding the problem of limescale that can leave marks on the washed surfaces and clog the on-board system.

At MetsTrade 2022, HP Watermakers will also be one of the sponsors of the Boat Builders Awards, for the Business Achievement, specifically of the “Environmental Improvement in Manufacturing Process” category. The awards, divided into 10 categories, were created to reward the people, teams and partners that have played a leading role in the supply chain of shipyards worldwide.


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