BGX70 in Cannes Marks the Beginning as a New Era

BGX70, the result of the collaboration between Luca Santella and Bernardo Zuccon, was launched at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival.

The new 21-metre-long boat has some new striking features and marks the start of a new Bluegame season. Luca Santella's iconic brand, established in 2005 and acquired by Sanlorenzo in 2018, continues to focus on the owner who wants to fully experience the sea, a concept that stems from Zuccon International Project's constant research and development of new approaches to boat design.

BGX70 2

Since Bluegame was founded, they have been targeting a sophisticated and highly demanding niche of passionate and experienced yachtsmen looking for a small/medium sized boat. The brand shares Sanlorenzo’s values for exclusivity, uncompromised quality, innovation, unmistakable design and high degree of customization (unexpected in such size of yachts).

The new BGX70 was presented to the public during the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019 and to the media during the Sanlorenzo Group press conference, which took place on the eve of the boat show opening. Zuccon International Project designed the interiors and exteriors moving from a concept by Luca Santella, with a clear intention of offering new animated scenarios.

BGX70 was built with a fibreglass hull, while the interiors were built with materials that would accentuate its bond with the sea, thus the designers opted for the most natural fabrics, leathers and woods. Colours and shades were chosen to add a feel of balance and harmony free of strong contrasts, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Shades of wood and white were chosen in order to accentuate the maritime character of the entire project.

BGX70 3

The Roman architect tells us how this fascinating project was conceived: "BGX70 is a fascinating and challenging project, the brainchild of Luca Santella, a man with a long-standing deep passion for the sea who, as a former Olympic athlete, experiences the sea with an enthusiasm that goes beyond his entrepreneurial spirit.

The result is an ambitious and cross-cutting boat, which gives the impression that its interiors were designed by the sea itself.

BGX70 testifies to the great research work undertaken by the firm and by Bluegame in recent years: both of us are looking into approaches and on-board lifestyles that differ from traditional ones".

This boat also represents a new page in the history of the Bluegame brand, a long-established brand that builds boats mainly for outdoor living and that will launch a new addition to its classic projects, a multifunctional range of boats intended for a new market segment. This boat is meant to combine different functions pertaining to different product typologies in just one project, a boat designed to be enjoyed each time in a different way and to undertake long and comfortable cruises.

BGX70 4

Bernardo Zuccon described the main features of the boat: “BGX70 encapsulates the main market trends, such as the open stern with the exposed tender.

A key aspect of the design of this model was the ability to build the entire lounge on two different levels connected by an internal staircase: this allowed us to create two different living areas.

Two other important features are, on the one hand, the deep connection between indoor and outdoor areas, which are connected through a set of sliding doors and, on the other hand, the great flexibility, i.e. the possibility to use the various areas of the boat in different ways, as if the project included many more. The partitioning of the various areas can be tailored to the different needs of the owner, a feature that allows the range to penetrate multiple market segments.

BGX70 6

This project not only represents a step forward towards a new direction for Bluegame, but it is hoped that it will write a new page in the history of Italian boating through a different approach to flexibility".

The biggest challenge for the Roman architect and his team was to find a balance between the experimental nature of the project and a harmonious design of the exteriors. Light also plays a fundamental role, as in all the projects designed by Zuccon International Project, especially in the living areas, where there are so many glass surfaces as to give the impression that the exteriors and the interiors are part of the same area.

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