Invictus Yacht 370 GT Hardtop world premier at CYF 2017

Invictus Yacht continues to innovate and announces the world premier of the new Hardtop version of the top of the gamma 370 GT at the next Cannes Yachting Festival, from September 12th to the 17th.

370GT - BEYOND THE EXTREME | The distinctive reverse bow, typical of the GT series, is the vigorous identifying feature of a hull whose lines are sculpted as if created by nature - where the contrast between sophistication and power reaches equilibrium. Added to this is the sport hardtop, made of pressure infused carbon to minimize weight while maximizing strength. The same advantages are behind the choice of aluminum for the hardtop’s structural support. Unless otherwise requested by the owner, the hardtop is black - the choice of a neutral color was made on purpose to lessen the impact on the boat’s profile.

370GT 2

The 370 GT is the most vibrant example of Invictus Yacht’s styling, with unique elements for a yacht of this size, like the retractable lateral terrace, the submersible gangway and an infinity of other options offered thanks to the “Atelier Invictus”.

The row of windows along the hull open onto a majestic interior environment, conceived to fully exploit the exclusiveness of a sea cruise and emphasize the pleasurable sensation of continuity with the open air, even when belowdecks.

The galley occupies the after part of the driver’s seat, a seat so large that three positions are available on the forward side while leaving space for a sink, counter and burners on the rear side. On both sides of the center console are the passageways, wide enough to offer completely safe access to the aft sunbathing platform directly from the cockpit.

The 370 GT, at 11.4 meters in length, with a maximum beam of 3.5 meters, offers two propulsion options with the new version: either two 300 hp diesel Volvo Penta D4's or two 370 hp MerCruiser 4.20 V8's, for a top speed of 43 knots. The Invictus 370 GT Hardtop can carry up to 12 passengers and will be available in four color schemes: a classic “Personal White”, the more aggressive “Attack Grey”, and the delicate metallic “Vanilla Sea” and the sophisticated “Dark Wood”.

The GT series is Invictus Yacht's proposal for those who want the best in pleasure boats and crave beauty, comfort and performance. The series includes yachts of various lengths, with customizable equipment and accessories, while propulsion options include either an inboard-outboard diesel or gasoline engines, to satisfy every need. Features include spacious sunbathing areas with soft and refined cushions, a fully equipped external galley and a cabin with separate bathroom. The Invictus GT Series is characterized by a reverse bow, both sharp and massive, and for her perfectly sculptured and shaped surfaces that elevate design to a new and ambitious level, creating a personal luxury jewel for relaxation and enjoyment, to possess and exhibit with pride.

370GT 3

Thanks to their collaboration with the famous Cristian Grande DesignWorks, Invictus Yacht creates yachts characterized by avant-guard design that express their passion for the sea, design and technology, dominating the scene thanks to their elegant and forceful lines, the result of highly refined styling and functional research.

The rich detailing with innovative material and ergonomic solutions give every Invictus a luxurious atmosphere of well being when on board. Taken together, these qualities create a new and special conception of yachting: elegant, comfortable, with superior equipment and detailing; reliable and safe even in adverse weather conditions.

The Invictus 370 GT Hardtop will be officially presented to the public at the 2017 Cannes Yachting Festival, from September 12th until the 17th; an appointment that the Italian yard is preparing in style. Also present at the French salon will be the 280 GT, the 240 and 280 GX, the new 200 HX, and the 200, the 240 and the 270 in the FX gamma.



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