Deluxe, mobile private beach

House bar, jacuzzi, jet skis and large areas for reclining on a 24-metre motor boat

Why not just have fun in and on the water? With a boat that doesn’t conform to any conventions, but forms the perfect platform for a top-quality beach party. That is exactly the aim of the "Private Beach" from beiderbeck designs, a company based in Bremen-Vegesack, Germany. Spanning 24 metres in length and 6.50 metres in width, every amenity needed for high-end outdoor celebrations has been combined in a single boat. And it's mobile too, capable of reaching speeds of up to 27 knots (almost 50 km/h) on its way to a different bay every day at the owner's whim.

Take 30 ml of brown rum, 30 ml of white rum, a little grenadine and sugar syrup, mix with plenty of orange juice and a little lemon juice, top off with a Maraschino cherry and a mint leaf. Take the ice from the on-board freezer as the Beach Boys' "Surfin' USA" rings out across the seat cushions under the Bimini and your Planter's Punch is ready for you on your private beach on the sea. Be it on steep rocky coasts that cannot be reached from land or remote sandy coves that have never been visited before, the owner can invite his illustrious guests to bathe and chill out far away from prying eyes.

Everything the famous maritime artist Philippe Gavin from Antibes captured as an inspirational impression in an insightful watercolour painting is on the agenda on the "Private Beach": over 50 square metres of free deck area astern are a delight for sunbathers, while fixed shading and a tent roof provide welcome respite to those who are a little more sensitive to the sun. Expansive bathing platforms fold out on both side decks and the stern by means of Opacmare Transformer technology. The glittering surface of the azure water lies no more than a step below.

PrivateBeach 2

Of course, any proper beach party needs a few nippy water craft. The garage at the stern houses not only a Boesch 560 SunDeck as a tender, but also two double-seater jet skis. Who doesn't feel the need for speed? In this regard, the "Private Beach" also comes with two 850 kW hybrid engines, which help it start to plane at an early stage, reaching its 20 knot cruising speed. In turn, in its purely electrically-powered displacement mode, it can run on any body of water with zero emissions.

Those who find the sea too salty or scary can bask in the on-board freshwater pool on the upper deck, which becomes an effervescent jacuzzi, bubbling with compressed air. Directly alongside it is the skylight above the spiral staircase, which takes you one deck down from the spacious lobby behind the helm, where you will find two double cabins spanning the ship's entire width, each equipped with two changing rooms and toilets. Right at the front, in the bow, the boat captain has his very own space.

The idea behind the "Private Beach" with its long, open stern and low freeboard is based on the hull shape of trawlers used for prawn fishing. beiderbeck designs has taken up those principles and paired them with the latest in yacht design ideas. The result is an extraordinary, fun boat that is unrivalled among maritime high society to date. The mobile island makes it possible to take day or evening trips with catering, bar keepers and/or DJs, as well as live music and entertainment of all kinds.


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