Heesen: Launches MY Cinderella Noel IV

Heesen Launches MY Cinderella Noel IV

Heesen is delighted to announce the christening of Project Oslo24 in the presence of the owners, their family and friends, as well as the Heesen employees and subcontractors responsible for her construction.

There is no better way to celebrate the winter holidays than to welcome the latest addition to their fleet.

This 50-metre, round-bilge steel motor yacht is a beautiful example of what clients who choose to build a 'Smart Custom' yacht with Heesen can achieve. A solid and proven engineering platform, it represented the ideal springboard for these experienced clients, allowing the shipyard to create their dream machine with the best possible balance between quality, customisation and delivery time.

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Based on the design of Heesen's award-winning 50-metre steel series, with flowing lines by Clifford Denn, Project Oslo24 is the individualised implementation of her owners' yachting knowledge and experience. They selected this proven design as the foundation for a yacht that fully reflects their lifestyle, taste and intended use. Every aspect of their boat speaks of their close involvement and personal understanding of life at sea, ranging from the reinforced insulation for operating in northern areas, to the crew area's elevated standard tailored to the highly trained and family-oriented team. This also includes a separate crew outdoor deck area, heated floors, winter tents and mosquito nets.

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The owner, a passionate skipper, wanted a second steering position on the Fly, installing a flight of stairs to facilitate transition from the flybridge to the wheelhouse. This steel yacht features a hybrid propulsion system, a first-time installation for Heesen, along with a foldable mast for navigating bridge passages and channel navigation lights for planned canal and lock passages. These additions perfectly demonstrate a yacht built and equipped for its intended use.

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Stefan Zucker of owners' representatives ZUCKER & PARTNER commented: "We had a terrific experience with the clients and the shipyard. Heesen's 'Smart Custom' solution represented the perfect starting point for an experienced yachtsman to concentrate on the important details for him and his family. Cinderella Noel IV is a testament to Heesen's intelligent approach, allowing this family to create their dream machine with the certainty of a result which would have taken considerably more time and cost to build individually without being sufficiently tested."

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The owners also worked closely with Luca Dini Design and Architecture and Heesen's engineering team to create a layout that suits their life on board, conceived for extended stays with his and hers working spaces. Sliding partitions add versatility and offer more space or privacy for guests as required.

"This project has been a unique experience," said Silvia Margutti of Luca Dini Design and Architecture, "driven by the owner's passion and the shipyard's expertise, with every detail analysed and agreed with the clients. This 'Smart Custom' build confirmed Heesen's ability to achieve excellent results and nurture a close relationship with clients to fulfil their special requests."

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The décor is a refined and pure expression of quiet luxury and Scandinavian chic. White, greige and taupe soft furnishings contrast with high gloss Indian rosewood and dark oak flooring to create an elegant base for accents of colour. Deep blue and musk-green elements punctuate the space beautifully. The yacht has been designed to navigate the fjords and waterways of the high northern latitudes, and the interior scheme complements the natural world where Cinderella Noel IV will cruise. Fine leather panels crafted by Foglizzo Atelier depict antique sea charts of the owners' favourite cruising areas. A leitmotif of gentle ripples in the woodwork is used vertically and horizontally to emphasise the connection with nature. Iconic pieces of loose furniture have been carefully selected from Cassina, Paola Lenti and Toso, to name just a few. There is no ostentation. The resulting ambience is tasteful and harmonious, with materials and finishes selected for their durability and ease of maintenance. The interior appeals to several generations of families at the same time.

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Mark Cavendish, Heesen CCO, commented: "Cinderella Noel IV is imbued in every detail with the owners' passion and experience. The energy they have put into creating a yacht that perfectly suits their lifestyle is impressive. They carefully considered every choice and worked closely with our team of experts to find the most intelligent solutions. "The design and build of this 'Smart Custom' yacht has been a wonderful experience for us all at the shipyard, building a yacht that will create lasting memories for this unique family. We are truly honoured they entrusted us with such a special project."

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