Lürssen: Delivered Project BLUE

Lürssen: Delivered Project BLUE

After BLUE’s successful second sea trial at the end of June, the 160-metre Lürssen left the shipyard in Bremen on 2nd July and embarked on her maiden voyage, heading to the Mediterranean where she will now enjoy her very first season with her new Owners.

Efficiency and the desire to be as environmentally friendly as possible were key drivers for the technology on board. BLUE is equipped with a highly efficient Diesel-Electric Hybrid Propulsion Concept developed by Lürssen’s own engineering specialists. The concept combines diesel-propulsion-technology with efficient modern electric propulsion systems. BLUE’s system consists of two diesel engines that drive two controllable pitch propellers through individual gearboxes. These gearboxes are equipped with PTI/PTO units that can be used for either electric propulsion (slow speeds) or for generating electrical energy to operate the vessel at higher speeds. BLUE is also equipped with an electric Azimuth Pod Drive, which in electric mode can be used separately, or when the PTI units are engaged, with the two propeller shafts.

In order to generate less noise and vibration and reduce nitrogen oxide levels, BLUE is equipped with a state-of-the-art exhaust after-treatment system. Furthermore, the wastewater treatment plant is equipped with new membrane technology that allows the treated wastewater to be safely disposed of in ‘drinking water quality’.

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Many years of planning, engineering and building to the highest standards went into project Blue. “To execute such a comprehensive project, an excellent team is necessary,” says Managing Partner, Peter Lürssen. In this case, the team consisted of the Owner's technical project management team, the design team from Terence Disdale who are responsible for the contemporary exterior and the traditional fresh interior design and of course, Lürssen’s own project team. “We are very proud of BLUE as yet another statement of Lürssen’s ability and desire to build yachts that meet all of our exacting Owners’ requirements, guided by our core focus of expert engineering, beautiful design and being a proud market leader in developing sustainable technologies.” 

  • Name: BLUE
  • Loa: 160 m / 524’9’’
  • Beam: 22.50 m / 73’8''
  • Exterior Designer: Terence Disdale Design
  • Interior Designer: Terence Disdale Design


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