Solaris Power and Norberto Ferretti present Solaris Power 55

Norberto Ferretti is back to the drawing board and has chosen Solaris for the joint development of a new range of lobster boats from 46' to 88'.

"I was missing a direct involvement with boats and kept busy with my own projects, free as I am from the obligations of an established brand.
Among the many boats that I have conceived over the years, I was especially smitten by lobster boats: a perfect combination of elegance, functionality and seaworthiness. These American vessels were originally developed on the Atlantic seaboard for lobster fishing and were soon adapted to the requirements of the East Coast aristocracy".

SP55 2

A dream team.
Norberto Ferretti has always shown a flair for building effective teams. For this project he has involved Brunello Acampora as boat designer: a great expert of hull shapes, he graduated at Southampton (UK), the best school for Naval Architects. Regarding the construction, Norberto Ferretti has chosen the Solaris boatyard, owned by Giuseppe Giuliani. This entrepreneur founded Grand Soleil in 1974 and, by acquiring Dufour in 1999, gave shape to the second sailboats group in the world. After selling this group to an American investment fund in 2006, he bought Solaris Yachts in 2011, multiplying revenues and volumes by a factor of five in just a few years. Today, Solaris Yachts is the European leader in the category of high quality sailboats from 50' to 110'. Between the sale and the acquisition, Giuliani also established a production facility dedicated to motor yachts from 45' to 110'. This plant, after producing boats for the most reputed international brands, is now SolarisPower, the boatyard behind the new Norberto’s dream boats.

SP55 3

Solaris Power: birth and development.
The facility dedicated to power boats, opened by Giuseppe Giuliani in 2008, was merged into the group after the acquisition of Solaris Yachts. Its location, however, remains in Forlì: one of the most skilled and comprehensive Italian districts for motor yachts, offering state-of-the-art infrastructure plus competent and experienced human capital.
In the past 10 years, this facility built motor yachts from 44' to 100', including five 90’ luxury displacement boats.
This boatyard today is Solaris Power, with a new range of lobster boats from 46' to 88'.

SolarisPower 55: a unique lobster boat at the forefront of innovation.
The SolarisPower 55, like the rest of the new lobster range, has been designed for superior marine behaviour and for cruising safely and comfortably even in rough seas. It features cutting-edge propulsion system perfectly integrated with the shape of the hull - a solution that makes it unique in this motor yacht segment.

Capable to efficiently cruise at low speed in displacement mode and as well over 35 kts, unlike ordinary boats with planing hulls.
Such flexibility also allows long transfers with unfavourable weather, very safely and with great autonomy.

SP55 4

This important feature, impossible to find all combined in a single boat, is packed with:

  • low fuel consumption, therefore greater range;
  • reduced CO2emissions;
  • low noise level;
  • zero vibrations;enhanc
  • ed manoeuvrability thanks to its joysticks;
  • great stability also when at anchor.

Comfort is one of the main priorities.

SP55 5

Norberto Ferretti wanted a very flexible and liveable yacht, and these requirements are present in all design solutions:

  • low, well-protected lateral walkways, notwithstanding its deckhouse;
  • side terraces that can be opened;
  • door with compass opening on the wheel side which facilitates communications with the quay when manoeuvring inside a harbour;
  • sun top;
  • a wide tender garage and stowage facility.

To sum up, this is a new generation of lobster boat, well ahead of other competitors in the market.

Solaris Power: the range.
The SolarisPower 55 is available in two models: hard top and flying bridge; a 46 footer will follow shortly - open, hard top or flying bridge. A 76' and an 88' are planned to complete the top of the range.



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