Sanlorenzo: two launches in one day at Ameglia and Viareggio shipyards


On the same day, Ameglia shipyard celebrates the latest SL86 launch while the Viareggio shipyard launches the 20th SL96 model.

Sanlorenzo celebrated the launch of two new motoryachts on the same day, one at the Ameglia shipyard, where Sanlorenzo builds fiberglass motoryachts from 24 to 28 meters in length (SL78, SL86, SD92), and one in Viareggio where the larger fiberglass range from 29 to 38 meters is built (SL96, SL106, SL118, SD112, SD126). Both yachts are made to measure, according to the style and requests of their owners, as with every Sanlorenzo since 1958:

· SL86 MY ‘Stae’ - is a planing yacht in fiberglass of 26.76 meters in length, launched in Ameglia in presence of her American owner and his large family
· SL96 MY ‘B&B’ - is a planing hull motoryacht of 29.10 meters in length, launched in the historic Viareggio site for her Turkish owner.


Sanlorenzo is currently operational at 3 different production sites within 50km from each other: Ameglia, Viareggio and the new Sanlorenzo Superyacht facility in La Spezia dedicated to the construction of superyachts in metal from 40 up to over 80 meters in length.

The new La Spezia shipyard is about to deliver the first 52Steel Seven Sins launched in January while the production steadily continues with 4 Explorer yachts (460Exp), the 11th iconic 40-meter planning yacht (40Alloy), two further 52-meters (52Steel) and one 64-meter yacht (64Steel).



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