New Mangusta 94 Sets Sail


Official delivery took place privately at the Overmarine Group wharf in Viareggio in presence of the Owners, along with the Balducci family, founder and owner of the company, and all those who worked so passionately to build this unique Maxi Open yacht.

Mangusta 94 was the very first new Maxi Open Mangusta model launched on the market a couple of years ago. Her external lines are the distinctive racy, sporty ones of Mangusta tradition, defined by many as a timeless contemporary design. The newest feature is the presence of aesthetic and structural elements which are normally found on larger models that offer greater usability of the external space: the bow cockpit in addition to the sunbathing area, the larger stern swimming platform and the presence of a livable sun deck. This version, destined for the American market, also features a driving station on the sundeck. Interiors and exteriors converse continuously both through the new glazing for the salon, consisting of a single pane of glass, and the window at the height of the Owner area, that bring in copious amounts of light and offering breathtaking views.

There are also a number of technical innovations, including 2600HP engines supplied as standard, the same propulsion system as that on larger models and installation of a Zero Speed gyroscopic stabilizer (both at anchor and underway) which contribute to further increasing onboard comfort and the ways in which this yacht can comfortably be used. Indeed, it is now possible to cruise at low speeds, 10 knots even, at low consumption and high levels of comfort.


A new revolutionary electronics with joystick in the wheelhouse enables easy handling of the yacht and cruising up to full speed on a single touch. She also features dynamic positioning, which is cutting-edge technology able to maintain the yacht in a selected GPS position overcoming the effect of tide, wind and stream by effectively combining direction and thrust.

Like every Mangusta, this yacht also has entirely customized interiors, but the levels of personalization on her are incredibly high. Indeed, the American Owner wanted a configuration which lent itself very much to the way yachts are used in US, and places emphasis on practicality of use, a typical characteristic of US clients purchasing yachts of this size. A couple of examples are the bar-kitchenette on the main deck and the internal stairway to access the flybridge.




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