Cantiere del Pardo GS 58 Under Construction

gs58 1

It is now obvious to all that she is going to be a beautiful one, these words are not based only on some well-made renderings or shipyard wishes but indicated by clients who came to see her in live during the construction of the 1:1 full size Mock up.

Cantiere del Pardo approach of building first a Mock up started many years ago and it has once again confirmed that bringing ideas into reality are a safe move when talking about excellence and attention to details! What really makes the difference is the possibility to verify all measurements, ergonomics, interior space and functionality performed by true, experienced and passionate sailors as designers.  Where real sensations come out when entering the GS58 Mock up. Emotional impact is the key which can completely determine if the GS58 is the one. Turning one step backwards, at the beginning of 2015 Cantiere del Pardo launched a successful new project, designed with the famous Italian design studio NAUTA DESIGN and a very known Italian Naval architect MARCO LOSTUZZI, which started the new path of a long cruise 46LC. The fix points were based on pure Italian design, excellence, known international brand and 41 years of experience. This new route continues up in a natural way towards the new 58 Performance, using always the same quality of ingredients.

The new GS58 brings once again the worldwide design leaders NAUTA DESIGN and the international well known Naval architect UMBERTO FELCI together under Cantiere del Pardo roof, to create without doubt an Italian master piece, where beauty and performance meet!

The biggest advantages of the GS58 in the market today are the optional layouts which provide 2 owner cabin versions, 2 dinette versions, 4th cabin
and much more.

gs58 2

LOA - 17.50
Bmax - 5.10
Draft - 2.90mt
Displacement - 18.9 ton

Meanwhile Cantiere del Pardo is working constantly on the model of the hull, structures and deck mold. The first hull will be ready for launching in spring 2016.


166, Syngrou Avenue
Athens, Greece
T: +30 210 9848992 | F: +30 210 9884420
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