Reverso: The Toy that lets you sail anywhere, anytime

Reverso sail anywhere, anytime

Fun and Sustainable, Reverso eliminates the need for fuel or gas.

Introducing the boat of the future, Reverso.

Reverso boat in family

Providing a unique approach to modern sailing, Reverso stemmed from the shared dream of creating the most compact and lightweight performance yacht in the world. Inspired by racing, sustainable performance sits at the heart of Reverso’s innovative design.

Reverso is the must-have sustainable toy for any yacht, offering the most sailing fun on the water.

Reverso folding sailboat sailing

Measuring just 3.40 meters in length, Reverso can carry up to two adults, or one adult and two children and is ready for use within 180 seconds. Folding up to just 1 square meter. Reverso can easily fit in any garage or yacht storage space, eliminating all logistical hassles. “The ideal toy for superyachts to practice sailing, Reverso is in line with the current trends and times, bringing a fascinating new experience for those on board,” says the inventor of Reverso, Antoine Simon.

Antoine Simon Reverso founder

Antoine Simon, Reverso founder

100% handmade and pre-tested in house in France with passion and care, Reverso is stealthy, light and transportable. Offering uncompromised rigidity due to its patented TENSION DYNAMICS® system, the concept behind Reverso advanced technical design stems from Simon’s concept to design a compact, sustainable sailboat. Stemming from a culture of excellence, Reverso features a planing infusion hull, a full carbon mast and a black membrane sail and can be fully disassembled.

packing sailing boat

Built to last, with complete attention to the smallest detail

“It was important to design a sailboat that would remain in pristine condition from sustainable, recyclable materials, like wood and organic resin, to ensure its longevity.” Crafted from the most high-tech materials and composites that are used for offshore racing, extreme sports and aeronautics, Reverso’s design has been tested and certified by experts at ICNN of La Rochelle. Given the prestigious ‘boat of the year award in the USA, Reverso is revolutionizing the practice of sailing.

Reverso small boat

Distinctive, Reverso is the perfect toy for any yacht thanks to its size, premium quality and ultra-dismountable design. Easy enough for a child to learn how to navigate with a crew member, an adult can reach a speed of 7 knots. Sure to offer an unrivaled experience and coherent with the look and feel of luxury yachts, Reverso is the guaranteed toy of the season.

Reverso boat taken apart


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