DeepSpeed electric waterjet at the Genoa Boat Show 2020

New partnership for DeepSpeed, after the one signed with Scanner Marine: together with Amer Yachts for the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge.

Forthcoming launch of a new crowdfunding campaign by Sealence, after having successfully completed a campaign last year raising over 500 thousand euros in less than two weeks. It has recently concluded, with the full satisfaction of the organizers, the 60th edition of the Genoa Boat Show, which aroused many points of interest among visitors. Among these, many had certainly noticed the installation concerning a project by Amer Yachts, exposed in the "Power Village" section of the exhibition.
The Ligurian shipyard, known for its range of superyachts, is carrying on with several partners, the project for the construction of a totally "green" boat, built using only recyclable materials. To strengthen the project from the sustainable point of view there is also the type of propulsion chosen for the hull: the DeepSpeed hydro jets, designed as the result of an innovative technology that involves the Politecnico di Milano, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the University of Padua.

Presented in world preview at the last edition of the Genoa Boat Show, thanks to the efficiency demonstrated during the research and development phase, the DeepSpeed engines have succeeded in a very short time to catch the interest of both the public and perhaps above all, by the insiders. Many stopped in front of the hull section built for Amer Yachts using a special fiber made from lava equipped with two DeepSpeed of 100 kW (about 120HP power). With this innovative hull and the new jets, Amer Yachts will participate in the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge.
The electric jet technology of Sealence - the start-up that has as CEO William Gobbo - was also exposed at the Scanner Marine stand, a brand appreciated for the realization of RIB, a range of inflatables with a fiberglass hull. In this case, DeepSpeed was presented in a special version adapted to a stern drive normally used for outboard propulsion, intended to be installed on the model “ENVY 1400” which will be called “DeepSpeed Hybrid”. It is a pneumatic boat over 14 meters long, that with electric jets will be able to sail at almost 40 knots of maximum speed, but at the cruising speed of 20 knots promises to reach over 10 hours of autonomy: about 200 miles with zero emissions. Right at the Scanner stand, we ran into a very busy William Gobbo, tied-up in taking a series of B2B contacts with different realities of the yacht industry, and therefore very satisfied with the success that his DeepSpeed jets are achieving.

The only news we’ve been able to get concerning the process of approaching the production of these long-awaited electric jets - which should take place within a couple of seasons - is the now forthcoming launch of a new crowdfunding campaign by Sealence, after having successfully completed a campaign last year raising over 500 thousand euros in less than two weeks. We finally asked William Gobbo when it will be possible to try DeepSpeed. "For the water tests of the first boats powered by DeepSpeed, the appointment is for the next spring".


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